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On Hurricanes and Sociology

In the tragic wakes of both Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina, ASA has assembled useful resources for members, the press, researchers, policymakers, and the public. A September 13 note sent to all the ASA membership from ASA President Cynthia Fuchs Epstein described some of the then-already-developing and now ongoing efforts by the ASA staff and ASA members and leadership. You can find an updated, annotated list of these activities on ASAís website at
. As this issue goes to press, we are developing a list of ASA members in the affected areas and will post that on the website. Existing resources include, for example, Epsteinís letter to the membership, information on what ASA members are doing or have done to assist victims, a list of sociologist disaster researchers with expertise in a wide range of related matters who can speak with the press, links to donation and volunteer opportunity websites, teaching resources, research funding opportunities, and more.