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Congratulations to 1999 ASA Section Award Winners!
Aging and the Life Course

  • Distinguished Scholar Award: Karl Ulrich Mayer, Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Andrea Willson, Florida State University, for "Women's Economic Well Being in Later Life: A Life Course Perspective"

    Asia and Asian America

  • Distinguished Book Award: Ching-Kwan Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for Gender and the South China Miracle: Two Worlds of Factory Women (University of California Press, 1998)

    Collective Behavior and Social Movements

  • Student Paper Award: Guobin Yang, New York University, for "The Liminal Effects of Social Movements: Red Guards and the Transformation of Identity"

    Community and Urban Sociology

  • Robert and Helen Lynd Award for Career Achievement: Janet Abu-Lughod, Professor Emeritus, New School for Social Research

  • The Robert Park Award: Jan Lin, Occidental College, for Reconstructing Chinatown: Ethnic Enclaves, Global Change (University of Minnesota Press, 1998)

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Rachael Anne Woldoff, Ohio State University, for "The Effects of Local Stressors on Neighborhood Attachments"

    Comparative and Historical Sociology

  • Barrington Moore Award for Best Book: Jeff Goodwin, New York University, for "The Libidinal Constitution of High Risk Social Movement: Affectual Ties and Solidarity in the Huk Rebellion, 1946-54." (American Sociological Review: 62, 1997)

  • Reinhard Bendix Award for Best Graduate Student Paper: Jason Kaufman, Harvard University, for "Three Views of Associationalism in 19th-Century America: An Empirical Examination." (American Journal of Sociology, 1999)

    Crime, Law, and Deviance

  • Student Paper Competition Award: Catherine Kaukinen, University of Toronto, for "The Help-Seeking of Crime Victims: An Examination of the Victim-Offender Relationship"

  • Albert J. Reiss, Jr., Distinguished Scholar Award: Simon I. Singer, State University of New York-Buffalo, for Recriminalizing Delinquency: Violent Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice Reform (Cambridge University Press, 1996)

    Environment and Technology

  • Robert Boguslaw Award: Christopher Wellin, Northwestern University, for his dissertation "Liberation Technology?: Workers' Knowledge and the Micro-Politics of Adopting Computer-Automation in Industry"

  • Distinguished Contribution Award: Eugene A. Rosa, Washington State University, for distinguished contributions to the sociology of the environment and technology

  • Marvin E. Olsen Graduate Student Paper Award: Reid Helford, Loyola University-Chicago, for "Constructing Nature, Constructing Science: Expertise, Activist Science and Lay Complaints in the Chicago Wilderness"


  • William Goode Book Award: Steven L. Nock, University of Virginia, for Marriage and Men's Lives (Oxford University Press, 1998)

  • Distinguished Career of Scholarship and Service Award: William J. Goode, Professor Emeritus, George Mason University

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award: Cesar Rebellon, Emory University, for "Reconsidering the Broken Homes/Delinquency Relationship and Specifying its Mediating Mechanisms"

    International Migration

  • Thomas and Znaniecki Award: Min Zhou, University of California-Los Angeles, and Carl L. Bankston III, University of Southwestern Lousiana, Growing Up American: How Vietnamese Children Adapt to Life in the United States (Russell Sage Foundation 1998)

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Irene Bloemraad, Harvard University, for "A Macro-Institutional Approach to Immigrant Political Incorporation: Comparing the Naturalization Rates and Processes of Portuguese Immigrants in the U.S. and Canada"

    Mathematical Sociology

  • Outstanding Publication Award: Noah E. Friedkin, University of California-Santa Barbara, for A Structural Theory of Social Influence (Cambridge University Press, 1998)

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Paper: Carter T. Butts, Carnegie-Mellon University, for "A Bayesian Model of Panic in Belief." (Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory: 4, 1998)

    Medical Sociology

  • Leo G. Reeder Award for Distinguished Contributions to Medical Sociology: Bruce Dohrenwend, Columbia University

  • Roberta G. Simmons Outstanding Dissertation Award: Anne E. Barrett, Duke University, for "Marital Trajectories and Mental Health: A Typological Approach to the Social Causation Hypothesis"

  • Eliot Friedson Publication Award: Stephanie A. Robert, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for "Community-Level Socio-economic Status Effects on Adult Health." (Journal of Health and Social Behavior: 39, 1998)


  • Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award for Distinguished Contribution to Knowledge: Robert D. Mare, University of California-Los Angeles

    Organizations, Occupations, and Work

  • Max Weber Award: Randy Hodson, Ohio State University, for "Dignity in the Workplace Under Participative Management: Alienation and Freedom Revisited."(American Sociological Review: 61, 1996)

  • James Thompson Award for an Outstanding Paper by a Graduate Student: Michelle Budig, University of Arizona, for "Are Women's Employment and Fertility Histories Interdependent? An Examination of Causal Order Using Event History Analysis"

    Peace, War, and Social Conflict

  • Elise Boulding Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Joel Richard Torres, University of California-Los Angeles, for "Mexican Americans in the United Stated Armed Forces: An Exploratory Study"

  • Elise Boulding Graduate Student Paper Award: Chris Bourg, Stanford University, for "The Effects of Obligatory Military Service on the Civic Consciousness and Behavior of American Men"

  • Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Teaching, and Service: Helen Fein, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

    Political Economy of the World-System

  • Distinguished Career Award: Janet Abu-Lughod, Professor Emeritus, New School for Social Research

  • Distinguished Scholarship Award for a Book: David Stark, Columbia University, and Laszlo Bruszt, Central European University-Budapest, for Postsocialist Pathways: Transforming Politics and Property in East Central Europe

  • Terence K. Hopkins Dissertation Award: Kenneth James Barr, State University of New York-Binghamton, for "The Metamorphosis of Business Enterprise"

    Political Sociology

  • Distinguished Book Award: Edwin Amenta, New York University, for Bold Relief: Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modern American Social Policy (Princeton University Press, 1998), and Elisabeth Clemens, University of Arizona, for The People's Lobby (University of Chicago Press, 1997)

  • Distinguished Article Award: David Jacobs, Ohio State University, and Robert M. O'Brien, University of Oregon, for "The Determinants of Deadly Force: A Structural Analysis of Police Violence." (American Journal of Sociology: 103, 4, 1998)

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Bill Winders, Emory University, for "The Roller Coster of Class Conflict: Class Segments, Mass Mobilization, and Voter Turnout in the United States, 1840-1996"

    Race, Gender, and Class

  • Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award: Ed Collom, University of California-Riverside, for "Segregation and Segmentation: Race and Gender as Determinants of Class Location"

    Racial and Ethnic Minorities

  • Oliver Cromwell Cox Award for Anti-Racist Scholarship: Peter Fysh, Nottingham Trent University, and Jim Wolfreys, King's College-London, for The Politics of Racism in France, and Howard Pinderhughes, University of California-San Francisco, for Race in the Hood: Conflict and Violence Among Urban Youth

    Rational Choice

  • James Coleman Award for the Outstanding Article Award: James Montgomery, London School for Economics, for "Toward a Role-Theoretic Conception of Embeddedness." (American Journal of Sociology)

  • Student Paper Award: James A. Kitts, Cornell University, for "Rival Incentives, Cohesion, and the Decoupling of Formal and Informal Norms," and Marcel van Assen, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, for "Effects of Individual Decision Theory on Predictions of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas"

    Science, Knowledge, and Technology

  • Sally Hacker-Nicholas Mullins Graduate Student Award: Jennifer Fishman and Laura Mamo, University of California-San Francisco, for "Potency in All the Right Places: Viagra as a Technology of the Gendered Body"

  • Robert K. Merton Award: Thomas F. Gieryn, Indiana University, for Cultural Boundaries of Science: Credibility on the Line (University of Chicago Press, 1999)

    Sex and Gender

  • Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award: Maren Klawiter, University of California-Berkeley, for "From Private Stigma to Global Assembly: Transforming the Terrain of Breast Cancer"

  • Distinguished Book Award: Monica J. Casper, University of California-Santa Cruz, for The Making of the Unborn Patient: A Social Anatomy of Fetal Surgery (Rutgers University Press, 1998)

  • Distinguished Article Award: Lynne Haney, New York University, for "Home-boys, Babies, Men in Suits: the State and the Reproduction of Male Dominance." (American Sociological Review, 1996)

    Social Psychology

  • Cooley-Mead Award: Harold H. Kelley, University of California-Los Angeles

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: C. Lynn Carr, Rutgers University, for "Cognitive Scripting and Sexual Identification: Essentialism, Anarchism, and Constructionism"

    Sociological Practice

  • William Foote Whyte Distinguished Contribution Award: Donald Light, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • Student Practitioner Award: Megan Cross, University of San Diego

    Sociology and Computers

  • Outstanding Contributions to Research Award: Edward E. Brent, Jr., University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Pablo J. Boczkowski, Cornell University, for "Distributed Construction: Changing Regimes of Information Creation in Online Newspapers"

    Sociology of Children

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Robert Crosnoe, Stanford University, for "High School Track and Adolescent Association with Deviant Friends," and Saeko Kikuzawa, Indiana University, for "Family Composition and Sex Differential Mortality among Children in Early Modern Japan: Evidence from Yokouchi, 1671-1871"

    Sociology of Culture

  • Best Book Award: Wendy Nelson Espeland, Northwestern University, for The Struggle for Water: Politics, Rationality, and Identity in the American Southwest (University of Chicago Press, 1998), and Joshua Gamson, Yale University, for Freaks Talk Back: Tabloid Talk Shows and Sexual Nonconformity (University of Chicago Press, 1998).

  • Best Article Award: Orville Lee, Northwestern University, for "Culture and Democratic Theory: Toward a Theory of Symbolic Democracy." (Constellations: 5, 4, 1998)

  • Best Student Paper Award: Kari Lerum, University of Washington-Seattle, for "Twelve-Step Feminism Makes Sex Workers Sick: How the State and the Recovery Movement Turn Radical Women into `Useless Citizens'"

    Sociology of Education

  • Willard Waller Award: Suet-ling Pong, Pennsylvania State University, for "The School Compositional Effect of Single-Parenthood on Tenth-Grade Achievement." (Sociology of Education: 71, 1998)

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award: Mark J. Schafer, Indiana University, for "International Nongovernmental Organizations and Third World Education in 1990: A Cross National Study." (Sociology of Education: 72, 1999)

    Sociology of Emotions

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Guobin Yang, New York University, for "Achieving Emotions in Social Movements"

    Sociology of Law

  • Best Article Award: Kitty Calavita, University of California-Irvine, for "Immigration, Law and Marginalization in a Global Economy: Notes from Spain." (Law and Society Review, 32, 1998)

  • Graduate Student Paper Award: Annette Neirobisz, University of Toronto, for "Wrongful Dismissal Litigation in an Era of Economic Uncertainty: Exploring the Influence of Changing Economies on Judicial Decisions"

  • Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Michelle Manasse, Franklin and Marshall College, for "The Organizational Process Leading to Successful Juvenile Detention reform: Arizona Juvenile Corrections, 1986-1999"

    Sociology of Mental Health

  • Outstanding Publication Award: Sarah Rosenfield, Rutgers University, for "Labeling Mental Illness: The Effects of Received Services and Perceived Stigma on Life Satisfaction." (American Sociological Review: 62, 1997)

  • Dissertation Award: Alisa Lincoln, Columbia University, for "Psychiatric Emergency Room Decision Making: Social Control and the `Undeserving Sick'"

    Sociology of Population

  • Otis Dudley Duncan Book Award: Stewart E. Tolnay, State University of New York-Albany, for The Bottom Rung: African American Family Life on Southern Farms (University of Illinois Press, 1999)

    Sociology of Religion

  • Distinguished Book Award: Lutz Kaelber, Lyndon State College, for School of Asceticism: Ideology and Organization in Medieval Religious Communities (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998)

  • Distinguished Article Award: Mark D. Regnerus and Christian Smith, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, for "Selective Deprivatization among American Religious Traditions: The Reversal of the Great Reversal." (Social Forces, 1998)

  • Student Paper Award: Jason Schnittker, Indiana University, for "When is Faith Enough?: The Effects of Religious Involvement on Depression"


  • Edward Shils-James Coleman Memorial Award: Eric M. Klinenberg, University of California-Berkeley, for "Denaturalizing Disaster: A Social Autopsy of the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave." (Theory and Society, 1998)

  • Theory Prize: Noah Mark, Stanford University, for "Beyond Individual Differences: Social Differentiation from First Principles." (American Sociological Review, 1998)

    Undergraduate Education

  • Hans O. Mauksch Award: Thomas L. Van Valey, Western Michigan University