November 2015 Issue • Volume 43 • Issue 7

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Council Highlights

At its August 25-26, 2015, meetings in Chicago, ASA Council welcomed seven new Council members: President-Elect Michèle Lamont, Vice President-Elect Kathleen Gerson, Secretary-Elect David Takeuchi, and Council Members-at-large Daniel Chambliss, Cynthia Feliciano, Mignon Moore, and Wendy Ng. Pending Council approval and online posting of the minutes, the following is a brief snapshot of key decisions and information.

Minutes. Meeting minutes for February 7, 2015, were approved. All Council minutes are posted online at

Audit. The audited financial statement for Fiscal Year 2014 was approved and is available online at

Annual Report. The 2014 ASA Annual Report was distributed at the ASA Bookstore during the 2015 Annual Meeting. The online version is posted on the ASA website and will also be available through iTunes later this fall.

Awards. The Committee on Awards was requested to review and prepare a recommendation for the March 2016 Council meeting regarding a proposal from the ASA Dissertation Award Selection Committee that dissertations receiving the award be made publicly available in the year that the dissertation receives the award.

Executive Office. In response to the Executive Officer’s letter of resignation, effective May 2016, the Committee on the Executive Office and Budget (EOB) reported on its plans to commence the search for a new Executive Officer.


Journal Subscription Rates.

Annual Meeting. Fees for registration, events, and services for the 2016 Annual Meeting will remain at 2015 levels.

Job Bank. A new fee structure was approved for job listings and individual non-member subscriptions.


Committee and Task Force Appointments.

High School Sociology. The proposed National Standards for High School Sociology, prepared by the High School Sociology Planning Program, were approved. The standards focus on four broad learning domains, each of which includes 3-4 assessable competencies.

Sections. The collaboration of the ASA Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities with the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University was authorized, if their grant proposal for a mentoring program is approved by NSF.

ask Forces.

New Business. Following review of a business meeting resolution asking for the establishment of a task force on contingency faculty, Council asked the ASA Research Department to prepare a summary report on the state of knowledge about contingent employment in sociology, resurrect the report from the previous task force on contingent faculty, and draft in consultation with ASA officers a charge for a possible new task force to be considered by Council at its next meeting.

Next Council Meeting. The next Council meeting will be held on March 12-13, 2016, in Washington, DC.

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