November 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 8

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Minority Fellowship Program Sees Changes to Application

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Students applying to the ASA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) for 2013 will notice important changes to the eligibility requirements as well as the application submission process. Recently, the MFP Advisory Panel adjusted the way it reviews applications now that the award is a one-year duration and there has been a large spike in applications in 2011 and 2012. With all of this happening, the MFP Advisory Panel agreed to revisit the MFP Fellowship eligibility requirements. Previously, the requirements stated that an applicant must be enrolled in or applying to a program that grants the PhD in sociology. To receive applications from students who are already well-ingrained in their department and research, MFP has changed the requirements to state, “applicants must have completed one full academic year in a program that grants the PhD in sociology at the time of applying.” To reflect the changes in the eligibility requirements, the essay prompts related to applicants’ graduate programs and the role of their mentors have also changed.

Another change to the MFP Fellowship application is the submission process itself. In previous years, applicants were required to submit their applications through regular mail or via e-mail with a postmark deadline of January 31. This year, for the first time, all MFP applications will need to be submitted through an online submission portal on the ASA website—available in early December. Applicants’ recommendation letter writers will also be required to submit through the online portal by the January 31 deadline. Individuals interested in applying will need to create a login account as soon as the portal is open in order to provide their letter writers enough time to submit their letter of recommendation.
Note that all materials, with the exception of official transcripts, are required to be submitted online no later than January 31, and that the online portal will close at 11:59 pm for both applicants and letter writers.

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