November 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 8

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Council Highlights

At its August 20-21, 2012, meetings in Denver, ASA Council welcomed seven new Council members: President-Elect Annette Lareau, Vice President-Elect Brian Powell, Secretary-Elect Mary Romero, and Council Members-at-large Stephanie Bohon, Kelly Joyce, Dina Okamoto, and Jane Sell. Pending Council approval and online posting of the minutes, the following is a brief snapshot of key decisions and information.

Minutes. Approved the meeting minutes for February 11-12, February 21, February 23, March 1, and July 10, 2012. Minutes of all Council meetings are posted online at

Audit. Approved the final audit for Fiscal Year 2011, now available online at

Membership. Accepted the recommendation to offer Publishing Options as a member benefit (free to Members) for 2013.

Subscription Rates.

Annual Meeting.


Committee and Task Force Appointments

Committee on Awards

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