November 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 8

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Join the ASA Database of Subject Matter Experts

ASA membership is a path to media recognition. When you see sociologists quoted in mainstream news articles or interviewed on television or radio programs, there is a good chance that ASA’s Public Information Office helped facilitate the media coverage. In the past few months, ASA’s efforts have resulted in coverage of the Association, its journals, and its members in hundreds of media outlets around the country and the world including the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC’s Nightline, NPR, the Daily Mail in England, the Globe and Mail in Canada, and many others.

In an effort to more efficiently connect journalists and sociologists and to better promote and disseminate sociological scholarship to the public, ASA has launched a campaign to further expand its database of ASA members. This database is a resource used by the ASA Executive Office to connect journalists with members who have agreed to speak with the media for stories related to their areas of expertise. To join the ASA Experts Database, visit By joining, members agree that ASA staff may proactively and reactively make their contact, biographic, and expertise information available to reporters. ASA staff will only refer current ASA members to journalists.

For more information on the database, see the March 2012 Footnotes article at If you have questions about the database, contact Daniel Fowler, ASA’s Media Relations and Public Affairs Officer, at (202) 527-7885 or

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