November 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 8

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Council Highlights

At its August 23-24, 2011, meetings in Las Vegas, ASA Council welcomed six new members: President-Elect Cecilia Ridgeway, Vice President-Elect Jennifer Glass, and Council Members-at-large David Brunsma, Amanda Lewis, Monica Prasad, and Laurel Smith-Doerr. Pending Council approval and online posting of the minutes, the following is a brief snapshot of key decisions and information.

Minutes. Approved the meeting minutes for February 12-13, 2011, February 21-22, 2011, and April 26, 2011. Minutes of all Council meetings are available online at

2010 Audit. Approved the final audit which is available online at

2012 Membership. Approved a 3.6% cost of living increase (excluding the student category) in dues and authorized free online access to all ASA journals as a benefit of Emeritus membership.

Footnotes. Approved returning to a print edition of ASA’s newsletter Footnotes in 2012, which will be mailed to all members who do not use the new Opt-Out provision.

2012 Subscription Rates.

2012 Annual Meeting.
Approved no increases in fees for general registration, events, and services.

Future Annual Meeting Sites. Approved proceeding to final negotiations with Los Angeles as the site for the 2022 Annual Meeting and Philadelphia as the site for the 2018 and 2023 Annual Meetings.


Constitutional Committees

Status Committees

Minority Fellowship Program Advisory Panel:


Wikipedia Project. Affirmed efforts to place a Wikipedia portal on ASA website, which will have two primary objectives: (1) to make it easy for sociologists to upgrade sociology entries in Wikipedia, and add missing areas/topics; and (2) to offer an effectively designed way for professors to learn how to give Wikipedia assignments as coursework.

Development. Supported a two-year member-giving effort focused on the ASA three small grants programs (FAD, Howery, CARI) beginning January 2012, as recommended by the Council Member Giving Subcommittee.

Business Meeting Resolutions

Next Council Meeting. Dates of the next Council meeting are February 10-12, 2012, in
Washington, DC.

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