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Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline

Application Deadline: June 15 & December 15

The ASA invites submissions for the Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline (FAD) awards. FAD is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation with matching monies from ASA. The goal of this award is to nurture the development of scientific knowledge by funding small, groundbreaking research initiatives that will advance the discipline. FAD awards provide scholars with "seed money" for innovative research that provides opportunities for substantive and methodological breakthroughs, broadens the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and provides leverage for acquisition of additional research funds.

Selection Criteria and Funding Requirements

Proposals are reviewed for scientific merit and the importance of the proposed research project or a conference for sociology as a discipline. Specific evaluation criteria include the following:

Principal investigators (PI) and co-PI(s) must have a PhD or equivalent. Awards shall not exceed $7,000. Payment can go directly to the PI and is not taxed. Award money may not be used for ASA convention expenses, honoraria, or PI’s salary, which includes buying out of courses. Awardees must agree to meet the reporting requirements of the award and must be ASA members when they receive the award.

Online Application Process

Proposals must be submitted online at Applications must include title of project, name of lead author and additional author(s), 100-200-word abstract, maximum of five (5) single spaced pages describing the project, detailed budget and time schedule, statement of pending support, bibliography, applicable appendices, and vitas for all authors.

Contact Information

For more information, see the "Funding" page at For questions, contact project director Roberta Spalter-Roth, (202) 383-9005 x317, or Nicole Van Vooren, (202) 383-9005 x313, For examples of recent FAD awards see the December 2010 issue of Footnotes

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