November 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 8

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A New ASA Congressional Fellow

Dennis Bogusz

Dennis Bogusz

The American Sociological Association has named Dennis Bogusz as the 2011-12 ASA Congressional Fellow. Bogusz received a PhD in sociology from Columbia University in May 2011. During his time at Columbia, Bogusz’s substantive areas of concentration were finance and policy.

Prior to earning his PhD, Bogusz worked on-and-off for nearly 20 years in private sector finance. "[This experience] helped me understand, both intuitively and academically," said Bogusz, "multilateral efforts to coordinate economic policies to reduce poverty and improve metrics of economic development." His dissertation, titled "Corporate Governance or Corporate Governments? Voluntary Firm Practices on Paths to Regulation" looks at how financial firms’ voluntary behavior leads to regulatory reform.

During his tenure in Washington, Bogusz will apply his past experiences and research to his work on Capitol Hill where he will investigate financial issues.

While Bogusz’s work on Capitol Hill will encompass a broad number of economic-related issues, he hopes to especially contribute to policy initiatives like financial regulatory reform; international policy coordination; securities regulation; corporate governance; consumer protection; oversight of credit ratings agencies; and international development.

Sociology on the Hill Is Needed

As an economic sociologist, Bogusz is not a stranger to debate among economists and policy makers. According to Bogusz, "we have a duty to analyze a range of socioeconomic issues, such as wealth inequality, cultural contexts, and economic justice, to provide policy advice. Policy informed by rigorous scientific methods needs to prevail over policy informed by free-market ideology repackaged in this post-recession era. Policy research that adheres to standards of social science is also necessary to quell the rancor of current political polarization and provide objective advice." 

He believes a sociological presence in our nation’s capital is needed because sociological inquiry provides the critical linkages necessary to understand the ways in which policy initiatives and program designs impact the experiences of the people they are intended to benefit.

Bogusz’s experiences, passion, and sociological knowledge will help him succeed on Capitol Hill and bring a strong sociological voice to the political process there. 

For more information on the ASA Congressional Fellowship, see the Funding page on the ASA Website. The deadline date is February 1, 2012.

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