November-December 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 8

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Footnotes to Focus on
Online Website in 2010

In response to both an increasing number of ASA members who are opting out of receiving a print version of Footnotes and the recommendation of the ASA Joint Committee on Electronic Publishing, ASA Council voted to eliminate automatic circulation of print copies of the ASA Footnotes newsletter to all members, effective January 2010. Council’s decision will allow those few members who want print copies to receive them in 2010, provide timely notification to all members of each issue’s availability via e-mail, as well as reduce printing and mailing expenses.

While there will be no reduction in content of Footnotes, the primary means of dissemination in 2010 will be the enhanced website at ASA members will receive e-mail notification when a new issue is posted with a fully linked table of contents. In addition, there will be enhancements to the online version, including links to facilitate discussion of articles and e-mail article forwarding, as well as easy printing of each issue in .pdf format.

Council realized that there remains a small number of members with limited or no online access. Therefore, when members renew or new members join ASA in 2010, they will have the ability to “opt in” to receive the printable version by mail. Council encourages members only to opt in if they lack reliable internet access; selection of this option will be costly in both direct expenses and labor.

This current November/December 2009 issue will be the last issue automatically mailed to ASA members. We hope you enjoy this new electronic Footnotes service which, combined with a new and ADA-compliant platform for our ASA website (coming soon), should improve member access to the important and extensive information ASA provides regularly to members. logo


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