November-December 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 8

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The ASA Digital Library
Seeks Editors

The Academic and Professional Affairs Program invites you to align yourself with one of ASA’s important new initiatives, and become a subject area editor for ASA’s new digital library of sociological teaching materials.

The digital library will be an interactive website offering a wide variety of teaching resources including syllabi, website lists, video clips, tests and more.

Before new electronic teaching resources are accepted for inclusion, they will go through an editorial process, making this digital library a hybrid of an online journal and what is generally thought of as a digital library.

The ASA Academic and Professional Affairs Program is looking for editors for the following subject areas:

Each editor will review submissions to the digital library within their area. This is a one-year commitment. If you are interested in becoming a subject area editor, send a letter of interest and CV to

What’s in a Name?

Name the digital library and win a Dell Mini laptop! We are still searching for an imaginative and catchy name* for the ASA’s digital library of sociological teaching materials. Send your idea to If the name you suggest is chosen for the library, you will receive a Dell mini laptop.

*You will better your chances if your suggested name is a single word or clever acronym


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