November 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 8

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What Can I Do with a Master’s Degree in Sociology?

Master’s-level education, especially as a vocational and professional degree, has become increasingly important within higher education. Many sociology departments have not had the resources and support necessary to take full advantage of this phenomenal growth. Masters programs should not be ignored by the discipline, but rather be provided with greater guidance and support. One area of weakness is the lack of information available about the career trajectories of master’s degree recipients.

To better position programs, the new Task Force on the Master’s Degree, in cooperation with the ASA Research Department, will conduct a longitudinal survey to learn about careers of master’s graduates, whether they go on to graduate school, whether they enter the labor market, and, if so, into what kind of jobs? The first year of the survey will examine the characteristics of the programs in which they participate. The second year will examine employment and additional education outcomes. Findings will be made available on an ongoing basis.

In January 2009, chairs and graduate directors will be asked to answer a brief survey about their programs and to provide the ASA Research Department with a list of master’s candidates. For more information, email spalter-roth small_green


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