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Think Ahead to 2007!

Session Proposals Are Invited for the 102nd Annual Meeting Program!

The 2007 program is now starting to take shape under the leadership of President-Elect Frances Fox Piven and the 2007 Program Committee. “Is Another World Possible? Sociological Perspectives on Contemporary Politics” is a theme that invites participation across the discipline and gathers together a variety of sociological work in diverse formats.

The wide spectrum of sessions on the Annual Meeting program reflects the ASA’s commitment to facilitate intellectual communication and the transmission of knowledge, information, and skills relevant to the field of sociology and aligned social sciences. Members are encouraged to submit session proposals for the following components of the program.

Thematic Sessions are specially designed and planned by the Program Committee to further examine the meeting theme. The sessions are broad in scope and endeavor to make the theme of the meeting come alive. Ideas are encouraged that confront issues in new ways, unfold the theme in various settings, or bring new research together in new ways. Participation in a thematic session is by invitation only; a proposal should include suggestions for organizer and participants (see guidelines below). To receive full consideration, Thematic Session proposals should be submitted by November 30, 2005.

Special Sessions focus on new areas of sociological work, timely topics, and a variety of critical areas facing the world today. Special Session topics may or may not relate to the theme. They generally address sociological issues, whether in research or its application, of importance to the discipline or of interest beyond. Participation is by invitation. Proposals for sessions co-sponsored with sister sociological associations are usually accommodated under this component.

Regional Spotlight Sessions provide opportunities to look at issues pertinent to the host site for the Annual Meeting. With New York City as the site of the 2007 Annual Meeting, a broad spectrum of topics awaits exploration, from historical and political perspectives to international relations to cultural and artistic influences and beyond.

Author Meets Critic Sessions are designed to bring authors of recent books deemed to be important contributions to the discipline together with discussants chosen to provide different viewpoints. Books published during 2004-2006 are eligible for nomination. Only ASA members may submit nominations; self-nominations are not acceptable.

Workshops provide the opportunity to learn about developments in research, theory, teaching, and practice. Workshop topics focus on careers and professional growth, academic department strategies, research skills and major datasets, teaching challenges, grant opportunities and grant writing skills, enhanced teaching of standard courses, ethical issues, and more. If you have tried a pedagogical approach that has been effective, have wisdom to share about using sociology in practice, or developed insightful career advice to pass along, please volunteer to lead a workshop. Workshops are open to all attendees; no fees are involved.

Methodological Seminars are designed to keep sociologists abreast of recent scholarly trends and developments. These intensive sessions are led by expert instructors who are considered to be at the forefront of a given field. Seminar instructors are urged to prepare reading lists, teaching materials (e.g., handouts, etc.), and to use the same sort of techniques they would use in very advanced graduate seminars. Attendance at seminars is limited, and preregistration and fee payment is required. If you have cutting-edge methodological or theoretical knowledge in an important area, or know a colleague who has such expertise, please submit a proposal for a seminar.

The ASA meeting resonates as a program of the members, by the members, for the members. But a meeting of this size and scope requires advance planning. Please think ahead for 2007 and propose session topics and organizers now. With the collective input of ASA members, the Annual Meeting program for 2007 will achieve a high mark of excellence.


Proposals for Thematic Sessions, Special Sessions, and Regional Spotlight Sessions must include:

  • Designation of the session type:
    Thematic Session (invited panel closely related to the meeting theme); Special Session (invited panel on any topic), Regional Spotlight Session (invited panel on topic pertinent to the New York area);
  • Working title for the session
  • Brief description of the substantive focus
  • Rationale for inclusion of the topic on the 2007 program
  • Recommendation(s) for session organizer, including address, telephone, and email; and
  • A list of potential participants

Proposals for Author Meets Critics Session must include:

  • Name and affiliation of book author(s)
  • Complete title of the book
  • Publication date and name of publisher
  • Brief statement about the book’s importance to the discipline of sociology
  • Rationale for inclusion on the 2007 program
  • Suggestions for critics and session organizer

Proposals for Workshops must include:

  • Working title for the session
  • Brief description of the focus, goals, and intended audience for the workshop
  • Rationale for inclusion of the topic on the 2007 program
  • Recommendation for workshop organizer/leader, including address, telephone, and email; and
  • A list of potential co-leaders or panelists, if desired Proposals for Seminars must include:
  • Working title for the seminar
  • Brief description of the focus and content
  • Rationale for inclusion of the topic on the 2007 program
  • Recommendation for seminar instructor, including address, telephone, and email

Format. All session proposals must be typed or printed; handwritten proposals will not be reviewed. Proposals are limited to two standard (8.5x11) pages in length. Submission of electronic documents via email is preferred.

Organizer Eligibility. All session organizers must be members of ASA.

Deadlines. Proposals for Thematic Sessions should be submitted by November 30, 2005. Proposals for other types of sessions are due by February 1, 2006.

Submission. Proposals should be sent to the attention of Janet Astner, Operations & Meeting Services Director, American Sociological Association, 1307 New York Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005-4701, USA;; fax (202) 638-0882.