May/June Issue • Volume 42 • Issue 5

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Looking Forward to the 2014 ASA Annual Meeting

Hard Times for Low-Wage Latino Immigrants in
San Francisco’s Mission District

Susanne Jonas, University of California-Santa Cruz)

Historically, San Francisco has been widely viewed in a favorable context as a settlement for Latin American immigrants because of its ethnic diversity and multicultural values. The city has also been prominent for its generally progressive politics and for being one of the most favorable destinations for Central American asylum seekers during the 1980s and 1990s. San Francisco’s elected officials extended its 1985 Sanctuary City provisions for Central Americans to other undocumented immigrants in 1989.

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Stephen Sweet to Edit Teaching Sociology

John Zipp, University of Akron

Stephen Sweet, the new editor of Teaching Sociology

Stephen Sweet

Teaching Sociology has been very fortunate to have had a series of outstanding editors, and their legacy will continue with the appointment of Stephen Sweet as TS’s next editor. Steve embodies the very definition of a teacher/scholar, and he already has considerable editorial experience that will benefit TS enormously. As he wrote in his editor application, “My vision is to continue to advance Teaching Sociology as the primary venue for the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as the venue in which broader theoretical and political discussions concerning pedagogy, curriculum, and the centrality of teaching in the profession are made visible.”

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MFP Thanks Donors Who Completed Their Five-Year Leadership Campaign Pledge

In honor of the 40th anniversary year of the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP), ASA is pleased to recognize those donors who have finished (or will finish in 2014) their five-year pledges to the 2009 MFP Leadership Campaign, which was led by former ASA Vice President Margaret L. Andersen and ASA Executive Officer Sally T. Hillsman. The MFP Leadership Campaign was supported by 87 contributing leaders, including Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) and the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS). (See the September/October 2009, January 2010, March 2010, and November 2010 issues of Footnotes for prior articles on the Leadership Campaign.)

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Dual-Credit Partnership Between a High School and Hawkeye Community College

Chad Van Cleve, Teacher at Cedar Falls High School in Cedar Falls, Iowa

When returning to the United States after teaching in Europe, I filled out the online application for teachers in the state of Iowa. It was a time of economic downturn and I was worried about finding a job. To my delight, it did not take long to find employment and, in fact, having graduate work in the field of sociology prompted a school to come looking for me. The school was in dire need of someone with graduate credentials to teach a dual credit course in sociology.

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