May-June 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 5

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East vs. West?

As many members noticed, the ASA Annual Meetings for 2005-2008 were all located in the eastern US/Canada. ASA Council and the Executive Office have received and noted the comments from members regarding this regional focus. This concentration on eastern sites was unintentional. It was the inadvertent result of juggling future meeting contracts to stay out of cities where there appeared to be a strong likelihood of strikes by hotel workers’ unions in 2006-2007.

ASA Council took member comments into account when looking at future years that were open for site selection, and the Executive Office was directed to investigate western cities other than San Francisco for 2012 and 2016. (San Francisco was not included because ASA was already booked there for 2009 and 2014.) At its meeting in February 2009, ASA Council reviewed site reports on Denver, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, and Vancouver. Denver was designated for 2012, and Seattle was chosen for 2016. Contracts with facilities in both cities have now been finalized.

The normal rotation of Annual Meetings runs on an East-Central-West pattern, with consideration given to northern/southern sites within those regions and to meeting in Canada once every decade. logo_small

The schedule of future Annual Meetings for 2010-2016.

2010 Atlanta Aug. 14-17 Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta Marriott Marquis
2011 Chicago Aug. 13-16 Hilton Chicago, Hilton Palmer House
2012 Denver Aug. 17-20 Colorado Convention Center & Hyatt Regency
2013 New York City Aug. 10-13 Hilton New York, Sheraton New York
2014 San Francisco Aug. 16-19 Hilton San Francisco, Parc55 Hotel
2015 Chicago Aug. 22-25 Hilton Chicago, Hilton Palmer House
2016 Seattle Aug. 20-23 Washington Convention Center & Sheraton
2017 eastern site tbd
2018 central site tbd


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