May-June 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 5

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ASA’s Teaching Enhancement Fund
Supports Two New Projects

by Kyle Murphy, ASA Academic and Professional Affairs Program

Two awards designed to enrich the quality of teaching of sociology have been awarded through the American Sociological Association’s Teaching Enhancement Fund (TEF). The Fund supports innovative projects that are transportable to other settings and will have a lasting impact on teaching sociology. A TEF grant, up to $1,000, may be given to an individual, a department, a program, or a committee of a state/regional association. The 2008 funded projects are as follows:

Michelle Inderbitzin (Oregon State University) will launch a project that incorporates an extensive service-learning component into an upper-level sociology course on juvenile delinquency. Her students will work directly with delinquent youth in Corvallis, OR, to develop community benefit projects based on the concept of restorative justice. A portion of the TEF grant will be used to provide seed money to launch the projects designed in the course. The course will aim to develop a collaborative learning environment in which delinquent youth will experience college-level academic work and OSU students will learn from the particular experiences of their younger classmates.

Ronald L. Mize (Cornell University) will publish and promote student website projects from courses on comparative racial and ethnic relations in the United States and comparative social inequality. He intends for the projects completed in his courses to be brought to a broad public audience through the Task Force on Encouraging Public Sociology and Cornell University websites. Students have produced projects that address race and higher education, mass media, prisons, and immigration legislation. In the upcoming social inequality course, students will create project websites that analyze the production and consumption effects of commodities such as coffee, clothing, chocolate, and pharmaceuticals. TEF funding will be used to develop a central, polished website for the ongoing collection and publicizing of the student projects.

The next deadline for TEF applications is February 1, 2009. For additional information, visit the ASA website at (click on Funding). The Teaching Enhancement Fund is largely supported by contributions made during the Annual Meeting at the Just Desserts event. See the Annual Meeting insert in this issue for details about this fundraising event and plan to attend at the upcoming 2008 Annual Meeting in Boston. small_green.gif


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