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Activities of Other Groups

The wide-ranging interests of ASA members generate meetings of special interest groups during each year’s Annual Meeting. Space is assigned as available to these groups to hold their meetings and/or sessions in evening time slots when no program sessions or other ASA activities are scheduled. Please refer to the online Searchable Program for details on activities of other groups. Some groups will also have membership information and publications on display outside the ASA Exhibits at the Philadelphia Marriott.

    Alpha Kappa Delta Executive Council
    American Journal of Sociology Editorial Board
    Astrosociology Forum (Jim Pass)
    Caucus on Gender and Sexuality in International Contexts
    Caucus on Transnational Approaches to Gender and Sexuality
    Christian Sociological Society
    Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology
    Consumer, Commodities, and Consumption Special Interest Group    (Daniel Cook)
    Group Processes Conference
    International Visual Sociology Association
    ISA Research Committee on Disasters
    ISA Research Committee on Women and Society
    Japan Sociologists Network
    North American Chinese Sociologists Association
    Sociological Imagination Group (Bernard Phillips)
    Sociological Inquiry Editorial Board
    Sociological Practice Association and Society for Applied Sociology    Joint Meeting
    Sociological Research Association
    Sociologists’ AIDS Network
    Sociologists for Women in Society
    “Sociologists Interested in the Intersections between Social Action and    Public Sociology” (Amitai Etzioni)
    Sociologists’ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus
    Sociologists without Borders
    “Town Meeting about SocioPhysics: Sociology as a Science like    Statistical Physics” (John Angle)
    University of Pennsylvania Department of Sociology Alumni
    University of Wisconsin Department of Sociology Alumni