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That Book…

Join in the Author Meets Critics sessions that bring authors of recent important books together with discussants chosen to provide different viewpoints. The Program Committee selected eight books to be featured on this year’s program.

  • America’s Newcomers: Immigrant Incorporation and the Dynamics of Diversity (Russell Sage Foundation, 2003) by Frank Bean and Gillian Stevens

  • Diminished Democracy: From Membership to Management in American Civic Life (University of Oklahoma Press, 2003) by Theda Skocpol

  • Rich Democracies: Political Economy, Public Policy and Performance (University of California Press, 2002) by Harold L. Wilensky

  • Science in the Modern World Polity, (Stanford University Press, 2003) by Gili Drori, John W. Meyer, Francisco O. Ramirez, Evan Schofer

  • Shaping Abortion Discourse: Democracy and the Public Sphere in Germany and the United States (Cambridge University Press, 2002) by Myra Marx Ferree, William A. Gamson, Jürgen Gerhards, and Dieter Rucht

  • The Next Upsurge: Labor and the New Social Movements (Cornell University Press, 2003) by Dan Clawson

  • Too Much To Ask: Black Women in the Era of Integration (University of North Carolina Press, 2001) by Elizabeth Higginbotham

  • Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life (University of California Press, 2003) by Annette Lareau