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Thematic and Special Sessions

Thematic Sessions provide more opportunities to think about “The Question of Culture.” These 17 sessions delve into particular aspects of culture, such as:

  • African Americans and the Culture Nexus: Representations of Race and Culture
  • Class and Culture
  • Cultural Fundamentalism and Violence
  • Culture and Economic Processes
  • Culture and Punishment: Linking Power, Institutions, Vocabularies, and Collective Memories
  • Culture of Poverty, or the Poverty of Cultural Theory?
  • Culture of Surveillance, Civil Liberties, and Freedom
  • The Culture Wars in Methodology
  • Culture, Careers, Families, and Family Policies
  • Culture, Migration, and Diasporas
  • Cultures of Science
  • Developing a Sociology of Music
  • The Impact of Consumer Culture on Public Culture
  • Is There a Sociology of the Creative Class?
  • Online Communities
  • School Cultures
  • Ways We Celebrate: Sociology of Holidays and Rituals

Special Sessions feature invited paper presenters or panelists on topics that further investigate the meeting theme or focus attention on other timely and important issues. More than 60 sessions address important issues such as:

  • Between the Global and the Transnational: Movements, Migrants, Crime, and Governance
  • Boundaries of Cultural Production and Institutions
  • Cultural Approaches to Understanding the City
  • Cultural Politics and Third Wave Feminisms
  • Cultures of the Home: A Sociology of Interior Design
  • Debt and Well-Being
  • Dying, Grieving, and Mourning: The Changing Social Context for Children, Adults, and Older Persons
  • Gender, Labor, and Globalization
  • Human Sexuality in Comparative Perspective
  • In the Margins of Culture: Third World Cultural Studies
  • Leadership Issues for African Americans
  • Mentoring: Undergraduates Collaborating in a Community of Practice
  • Moving Up the Ladder in the Academy: Perils and Prospects for Tenure and Promotion
  • Museum Culture
  • New Directions and Challenges in Life Course Studies
  • Performing Protest: Music, Media, Theatre, and Ritual as Contentious Policies
  • Place and Space
  • Redefining Latino/a Cultures
  • Reforming Corporate Governance in the Post-Enron Era
  • Social Robotics and Human Interaction
  • The “Cultural Turn” in Social Theory: The Implications for the Sociological Study of Religion
  • The Local-Global Connect: Sociologists Without Borders
  • The Question of Contemporary Jewish Culture
  • The Return of Civic Culture
  • The United States and the Middle East
  • When the Researcher Is “the Other”: Researchers of Color Negotiating Race in the Field
  • Women in Science in Third World Societies
  • Worst Cases: Toward Sociological Analyses of Extremes, Doomsday, and Catastrophe

Retrospectives on the work of eminent scholars and honored colleagues are highlighted in these special sessions.

  • Arlie Hochschild’s The Managed Heart: Twenty Years Later
  • The General Social Survey, 1972-2002: In Recognition of James A. Davis’ Contribution to Sociology
  • Goffman’s Contributions to the Future of Social Science
  • In Memoriam: The Life and Work of Robert K. Merton
  • Memorial Session in Honor of Beth B. Hess
  • Remembrance of Rachel Rosenfeld’s Life and work
  • Sexuality, Culture, and Migration: The Life Work of Lionel Cantu
  • W.E.B. DuBois and the Souls of Sociology: A Century of Cultural Uncertainty

Search the online Program for details on all sessions and events on this year’s program roster.