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Section Activities

ASA Sections contribute an important segment to the Annual Meeting Program. Section sessions and activities at the Annual Meeting are interspersed throughout the four-day schedule. These specialized sessions range in format from formal paper presentations to panels and discussion roundtables and are open to all meeting attendees.

The number of sessions allocated to each Section is based on the size of the Section membership. Over 175 sessions/meetings are scheduled. Sections provide a valuable way to meet colleagues interested in similar sociological specialties and find a small “home” in a large meeting.

The primary day for each Section’s program is listed below.

  • Saturday, August 16
      Community and Urban Sociology
      Ethnomethodology & Conversational Analysis*
      History of Sociology
      Latina/o Sociology
      Law, Sociology of
      Mathematical Sociology
      Mental Health, Sociology of
      Political Sociology
      Population, Sociology of
      Science, Knowledge, and Technology
      Sex and Gender, Sociology of

  • Sunday, August 17
      Alcohol and Drugs, Sociology of
      Comparative and Historical Sociology
      Environment and Technology
      Family, Sociology of the
      Organizations, Occupations, and Work
      Peace, War, and Social Conflict
      Racial and Ethnic Minorities
      Rationality and Society
      Religion, Sociology of
      Sexualities, Sociology of
      Sociological Practice

  • Monday, August 18
      Animals and Society
      Collective Behavior & Social Movements
      Communication and Information Technology
      Education, Sociology of
      Emotions, Sociology of
      International Migration
      Medical Sociology
      Political Economy of the World System
      Race, Gender, and Class

  • Tuesday, August 19
      Aging and the Life Course
      Asia and Asian America
      Children and Youth
      Crime, Law, and Deviance
      Culture, Sociology of
      Economic Sociology
      Labor and Labor Movements
      Marxist Sociology
      Social Psychology
      Teaching and Learning in Sociology