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W.E.B. DuBois and Sociology

2003 marks the 100th anniversary of The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Dubois, and meeting in Atlanta provides a special opportunity to focus on DuBoisí contributions to the discipline during his tenure at Atlanta University. Three special sessions have been planned.

  • Regional Spotlight Session. The Souls of Black Folks: 100 Years Later
    Organizer: Delores Aldridge, Emory University

    The Soul of DuBois and the Art of Sociology. Rodney D. Coates, Miami University of Ohio
    Dual Marginality and The Souls of Black Folks: Variations on a DuBoisian Theme. Rutledge Dennis, George Mason University
    The Atlanta Sociological Laboratory and American Sociology. Earl Wright II, University of Central Florida
    Discussant: Sandra Taylor, Clark Atlanta University

  • Special Session. W.E.B. DuBois and the Souls of Sociology: A Century of Cultural Uncertainty
    Organizers: Charles Lemert, Wesleyan University; and Alford Young, Jr., University of Michigan
    Presider: Charles Lemert, Wesleyan University

    The American Negro Family and the Souls of the Black Woman. Elizabeth Higginbotham, University of Delaware
    The Philadelphia Negro and the Souls of Urban Ethnography. Alford Young, Jr., University of Michigan
    Souls of Black Folk and the Sociology of the Negro Intellectual. Jerry C. Watts, Trinity College
    Black Reconstruction and the Souls of Historical Sociology. Charles Lemert, Wesleyan University

  • Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Session. The Singularity of Race in a Pluralist Domain: DuBoisí Soul Revisited (co-sponsored by the Association of Black Sociologists)
    Organizer: Rodney Coates, Miami University of Ohio

    Exploring Duboisí Soul: Friction, Fluidity, and Fusion on the Color Line. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Boston College
    Race, Class, and Struggle: The Souls of Black Folk...100 years Later. Walda Katz-Fishman, Project South and Howard University; Jerome Scott, Project South; and Ralph C. Gomes, Howard University
    DuBois and Darkwater: A Prophet Ahead of His and Our Time. Joe R. Feagin, University of Florida
    The Double Consciousness of Black, White, and Brown Folks in the 21st Century. Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Texas A&M University
    The Problematics of Race in American Culture: Rodney Coates, Miami University of Ohio