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Thematic and Special Sessions

Thematic Sessions provide more opportunities to think about “Allocation Processes and Ascription.” Twenty of these sessions delve into particular aspects of ascription and allocation, such as:
  • Ascription and Allocation in School Sectors
  • Belief Systems and Inequality
  • Disparities in Access to Health Care
  • Families, Neighborhoods, and Welfare Reform
  • Immigration and Ascription Processes
  • Labor Markets and Allocation Processes
  • Microfoundations of Ascription and Allocation
  • Race, Space, and Ethnicity: Understudied Resources and Ascriptions
  • Reconceptualizing Race/Ethnicity
  • The Struggle Continues: Affirmative Action in U.S. Higher Education
Special Sessions feature invited paper presenters or panelists on topics that further investigate the meeting theme or focus attention on other timely and important issues. More than 50 sessions address such important issues as:
  • Allocations and Spatial Inequality across Regions
  • Applied Policy Research and Intervention
  • (Bio)Medicalization Theory Revisited
  • Consumer Society: Resistance and Co-optation
  • Early Education
  • Environmental Justice
  • Fathers and Families
  • Gender and New Institutionalism
  • Globalism and Social Justice
  • Grassroots Advocacy, Democracy, and Civil Society
  • Intellectuals on Call: Think Tanks and the Formation of American Policy
  • Mechanisms of Allocation: The Influence of Aage Sorenson's Work
  • Politics of Recognition in the Multicultural State
  • Racial Statistics
  • Societal Trends and the Transition to Adulthood in the 21st Century
  • Stratification, Religion, and Evolution in Human Societies: The Sociology of Gerhard E. Lenski
  • The Durkheimian Tradition in Sociological Research