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The 2001 Program features a robust variety of workshops. All workshops are open to all meeting registrants.

Professional Workshops address research issues, career opportunities, data availability, publishing venues, publicity and marketing decisions, and more. Some of this year’s workshop topics include:

  • Launching and Rebuilding Research Careers and Collaborations
  • Navigating Graduate School to Your Best Advantage
  • Employment Opportunities for Sociologists in State Government
  • Serving as an Expert Witness
  • Parenting in the Academy
  • Add Health Wave III
  • So You Want to Write a Textbook?!
  • How to Get Published: Advice from ASA Editors
  • Communicating Your Research to the Media
  • Collaborating Internationally on Research and Teaching and more!

    Teaching Workshops emphasize interaction between leaders and audience, and attendees are encouraged to bring questions or problems for discussion and new ideas to enliven classroom activities. Here is just a sample of some of the topics featured this year:

    • Community-based Research as a Teaching Technique
    • Distance Learning
    • The Pedagogy of Visual Sociology
    • Teaching about Popular Culture
    • Teaching about Sexuality and Sexual Orientation in the Undergraduate Curriculum
    • Teaching Introductory Sociology for the First Time
    • Teaching Race, Class, and Gender
    • Teaching Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
    • Teaching Urban Sociology
    • Using Data Sets in Courses Other than Research Methods
    • Using the Web for Teaching

    Academic Workplace Workshops are designed to increase sociology’s strength and effectiveness in the academic context. Topics on this year’s roster include:
    • Building Sociology Connections to Urban Studies Programs
    • Evaluating and Rewarding Professional Service
    • Managing a Joint Sociology and Social Work Program
    • Models for Preparing TAs
    • Preparing for a Program Review
    • Successful Strategies for Team Teaching
    • Taking Students Abroad
    • Teaching Adult Learners
    • The Sociology Major: Problems and Solutions and more!
    Please refer to the online Searchable Program for details on all the sessions and events on this year’s program roster.