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The Marketplace of Ideas—of All Types and in All Formats

The heart of the meeting is the exchange of scholarly ideas, in sessions of all types and formats. Enjoy a sampling of the sociological work being done by the “best and the brightest.” The Program Committee crafted a set of topics to which colleagues submitted papers and roundtable proposals. Now this work comes to the Annual Meeting forum.

Regular Sessions feature research papers submitted in response to the 2001 Call for Papers. These papers cover the scope of sociological inquiry and are organized into approximately 200 sessions. With this many sessions and refereed papers, you will be pleased to know about the on-line retrieval of papers so that you can read what you cannot hear.

Open Refereed Roundtables feature two to five paper presentations, with a table presider to coordinate presentations and discussion. Two large general roundtable sessions were created on a variety of themes.

Informal Discussion Refereed Roundtables bring together small groups of people interested in discussing specific topics. Five informal discussion sessions have been organized to enhance substantial exchange including a special topical roundtable session on “New Directions in Sociology.”

Poster Sessions allow meeting attendees to see visually the results of sociological research and engage in face-to-face conversation with authors. Also, there are three specialized poster sessions on Research Support, Data Resources, and Graduate Programs in Sociology that complement scholarly poster presentations.