March/April • Volume 43 • Issue 3

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2015 Howery Teaching Enhancement Fund Winners

The Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Fund is a small grants program of the American Sociological Association. It supports projects that advance the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) within the discipline of sociology. The Carnegie Foundation defines SoTL as “problem posing about an issue of teaching or learning, study of the problem through methods appropriate to the disciplinary epistemologies, applications of results to practice, communication of results, self-reflection, and peer review” (Cambridge 2001). The 2015 selection committee has awarded $2,000 grants to three projects. With the help of this fund, the recipients can begin meaningful work that will help advance sociological pedagogy. The ASA would like to congratulate the following recipients:

Molly Clever & Karen Miller, West Virginia Wesleyan College. Building Effective Service-Learning for Social Justice

The funds provided will assist Clever and Miller in developing the Social Justice Studies major at their college. They will hold training sessions with faculty to align with Jacoby’s social change model for leadership development and to implement the program in ways consistent with research on the high impact practices for service learning. Their goal is to ensure that their program is effective in engaging students and efficiently institutes pedagogically sound assessment tools.

Dennis J. Downey, California State University-Channel Islands. Cultivating Quantitative Literacy in the Introductory Course: Applying a Mathematics Education Perspective

In an effort to close the quantitative literacy gap, Downey will use the award to create, deliver, and assess supplemental video materials designed to cultivate quantitative literacy in a medium-sized Introduction to Sociology class. Motivated by the prevelant quantitative literacy gap on his campus as well as for many first-generation and immigrant students, Downey is committed to seeing his students build a strong foundation in order to complete the research assigned in the capstone course.

Naomi Spence, Lehman College CUNY. Latino Families in the U.S.: An Authentic Research Experience

Spence will use the grant to support the development of a pilot research classroom experience, with students involved in inquiry-based, active learning on a subject relevant to their community (Lehman College is a Hispanic-serving institution in a predominately minority area of the Bronx). Specifically, her students will engage in survey research on Latinos’ family formation attitudes. This pilot course will complement several departmental and university-wide efforts to build the research and critical thinking skills of students and provide guidance for the development of larger efforts.

Congratulations to the recipients. Those interested in applying for the 2016 Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant can visit our website for more information. Applications are due February 1 annually. For more information, visit

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