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Candidates for the 2015 ASA Election

In accordance with election policies established by the ASA Council, biographical sketches of the candidates for ASA leadership positions are published in Footnotes (see below). The candidates appear in alphabetical order by office. Biographical sketches for all candidates will be available online when ballots are sent to all current voting members in mid-April.

Candidates for President-Elect

Michele Lamont

Michele Lamont

Present Professional Position: Professor of Sociology and African and African-American Studies and Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies, 2003-present; Director, Weatherhead Center for International Studies, 2015–2020; Co-director, Successful Societies Program, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 2002–2017.

Former Professional Positions: Senior Advisor on Faculty Development and Diversity, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 2009, 2010; Assistant to Full Professor, Department of Sociology, Princeton University, 1987–2002; Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, 1985–1987.

Education: PhD, Université de Paris,1983; MA, Ottawa University, 1979; BA, Ottawa University,1978.

Positions Held in ASA: Chair, Inequality, Poverty and Mobility Section, 2014–15; Council Member, 2006–08; Chair, Theory Section, 2003–04; Member, editorial board, American Sociological Review, 2000–04; Chair, Culture Section, 1994–95.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: Chair, Council for European Studies, 2006–09; Member, High Council on Science and Technology to the Prime Minister, French Government, 2010–12; Member, Scholarship Board, Open Society Foundation, 2009–present; Chair, International panel assessment of peer review practices at the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2007–08. Series Co-editor, Princeton Series in Cultural Sociology, Princeton University Press, 1996-present.

Publications: Hall, Peter A., and Michèle Lamont, eds. 2013. Social Resilience In The Neoliberal Era. Cambridge University Press; Lamont, Michèle and Nissim Mizrachi, eds. 2012. “Responses to Discrimination and Racism by Members of Stigmatized Groups: Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.” Special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies. Also published as Responses to Stigmatization in Comparative Perspectives. Routledge; Lamont, Michèle. 2009. How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment. Harvard University Press. Lamont, Michèle. 2000. The Dignity of Working Men. Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class and Immigration. Russell Sage Foundation and Harvard University Press; Lamont, Michele. 1992. Money, Morals, and Manners. The Culture of the French and the American Upper-Middle Class. University of Chicago Press.

Personal Statement: As ASA President, I would be honored to work toward strengthening our discipline’s resources, status, and labor markets. Thus, I will reinitiate efforts to create high school Advanced Placement sociology courses and support ASA staff in developing K-12 sociology programs. Another priority will be to enhance sociology’s influence in education, politics, and the media in order to broaden our impact as an enlightening, empowering, democratizing, and diversifying force. I plan to mobilize a taskforce of organizational and knowledge experts to 1) analyze how other social sciences spread their influence (via professional associations, organizations such as the National Bureau of Economic Research, commercial electronic salons such as, etc.); and 2) propose a plan of action to serve sociologists of all stripes. My intellectual agenda will be to promote a greater internationalization of American sociology, with a focus on cultural and social processes of inequality and stigmatization in the United States and abroad.

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Min Zhou

Min Zhou

Present Professional Position: Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor of Sociology, Head of Sociology Division – School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Director of Chinese Heritage Centre, Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

Former Professional Positions Held: Professor of Sociology & Asian American Studies, Walter and Shirley Wang Endowed Chair in U.S.-China Relations & Communications, University of California-Los Angeles, 1994 to Present (on leave 2013-2016); Assistant Professor of Sociology, Louisiana State University, 1990-1994.

Education: PhD, SUNY-Albany, 1989; MA, SUNY-Albany, 1985; BA, Sun-Yat-sen University, China, 1982.

Positions Held in ASA: Chair, Section on International Migration, 2013–14; Chair, Section on Asia and Asian America, 2007–08; Member, ASA Council, 2003–06; Member, ASA Committee on Nominations, 2000–02; Council Member, Section on Community and Urban Sociology, 1999.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Chinese Overseas, 2014 to Present. Editorial board, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2014–Present; Editorial board, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2014–Present; Advisory Board for the Stockholm University Linnaeus Center for Integration Studies, 2008–12; President, North American Chinese Sociologists Association, 2003–05.

Publications: Zhou, Min. 2014. “Segmented Assimilation and Socio-economic Integration of Chinese Immigrant Children in the United States.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 37:1172-83; Zhou, Min. 2009. “How Neighborhoods Matter for Immigrant Children: The Formation of Educational Resources in Chinatown, Koreatown, and Pico Union, Los Angeles.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35:1153-1179; Zhou, Min. 2009. Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation. Temple University Press; Zhou, Min, Jennifer Lee, Jody Agius Vallejo, Rosaura Tafoya-Estrada, and Yang Sao Xiong. 2008. “Success Attained, Deterred, and Denied: Divergent Pathways to Social Mobility among the New Second Generation in Los Angeles.” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 620:37-61; Zhou, Min and Carl L. Bankston III. 1998. Growing up American: How Vietanmese Children Adapt to Life in the United States. New York: Russell Sage Foundation Press.

Personal Statement: I am humbled and honored to run for President of the ASA in the upcoming election. I promise to work hard to live up to members’ expectations in advancing scientific research, encouraging high-quality teaching, preserving academic freedom, upholding social justice, advocating for equal rights and opportunities for women, racial/ethnic minorities, and other underprivileged social groups, and promoting public sociology. I will listen to divergent voices, negotiate differences, and take action to serve the needs of all ASA members and to increase the representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities in leadership positions in the discipline of sociology and in higher education. I will continue to make research and teaching in sociology relevant to real-life issues and problems locally and globally, with the goal of making the world a better place to live.

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Candidates for Vice President-Elect

Kathleen Gerson

Kathleen Gerson

Present Professional Position: Collegiate Professor of Arts & Science and Professor of Sociology, New York University, 2010–present

Former Professional Positions: Professor of Sociology, New York University, 1995–present; Associate Professor of Sociology, New York University, 1988–94; Assistant Professor of Sociology, New York University, 1981–88.

Education: PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1981; MA, University of California-Berkeley, 1974; BA, Stanford University, 1969.

Positions Held in ASA: Editorial Board, Rose Monograph Series, 2010–13; Committee on Nominations, 2006–07; Editorial Board, American Sociological Review, 2004–07; Chair, Family Section, 2001–02; Publications Committee,1996–99.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: Co-President, Sociologists for Women in Society, 2015; Founding Board Member, Work and Family Researchers Network, 2011–15; President, Eastern Sociological Society, 2008–09; Board Member, Council on Contemporary Families, 2002–09; Editorial Board, Work and Occupations, 2003–15.

Publications: Gerson, Kathleen. 2011. The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family. Oxford University Press; Gerson, Kathleen. 2009. “Changing Lives, Resistant Institutions: A New Generation Negotiates Gender, Work, and Family Change.” Sociological Forum 24:735–753; Jacobs, Jerry A. and Kathleen Gerson. 2004. The Time Divide: Work, Family, and Gender Inequality. Harvard University Press; Gerson, Kathleen. 1993. No Man’s Land: Men’s Changing Commitments to Family and Work. Basic Books; Gerson, Kathleen. 1985. Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career, and Motherhood. University of California Press.

Personal Statement: It is an honor to be nominated for the Vice Presidency of the ASA, which holds a central place in our profession. My vision for the ASA reflects my view of sociology as a discipline: We are a uniquely broad, diverse, and welcoming group––not just in our membership, but also in our intellectual roots, theoretical approaches, and empirical strategies. If elected, my goal will be to protect and enlarge that tradition. To do so, I will work to promote both new initiatives and an exciting program for the Annual Meeting, with an eye to fostering an inclusive perspective and range of participants who represent the scope, vitality, and importance of current debates and research frontiers in sociology today. In any way this office allows, I will endeavor to make it clear that sociology matters to all our members and to the wider world.

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Verta Taylor

Verta Taylor

Present Professional Position: Professor of Sociology, University of California-Santa Barbara 2002–present.

Former Professional Positions: Professor, Sociology, University of California-Santa Barbara, 2002–present; Department Chair, Sociology, University of California-Santa Barbara, 2005–12; Assistant to Professor, Sociology, Ohio State University, 1977–2002.

Education: PhD, Ohio State University, 1976; MA, Ohio State University 1971; BA, Indiana State University 1970.

Positions Held in ASA: Program Committee, 2015 Annual Meeting; Editorial Board, Social Psychology Quarterly, 2014-present; Editorial Board, Rose Monograph Series, 2010–13; Editorial Board, Contexts 2005-2007; Deputy Editor, American Sociological Review; Chair, Sex and Gender Section, 1996–98; Chair, Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section, 1997–99; Chair, Sexualities Section, 2004–06.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: Advisory Board, Consortium on Social Movement Studies, European University Institute, 2006–present; Chair, Awards Committee, Sociologists for Women in Society, 1998–2001

Publications: Bernstein, Mary and Verta Taylor, The Marrying Kind?: Debating Same-Sex Marriage within the Lesbian and Gay Movement. 2013. University of Minnesota Press; Rupp, Leila, Verta Taylor, Shiri Regev-Messalem, Alison Fogarty, and Paula England. 2014. “Queer Women in the Hookup Scene: Beyond the Closet?” Gender &Society 2:212-235; Taylor, Verta, Katrina Kimport, Nella VanDyke, and Ellen Andersen. 2009. “Culture and Mobilization: Tactical Repertoires, Same-Sex Weddings, and the Impact on Gay Activism.” American Sociological Review 7:865-890; Rupp, Leila and Verta Taylor. 2003. Drag Queens at the 801 Cabaret. University of Chicago Press; Taylor, Verta. 1989. “Social Movement Continuity: The Women’s Movement in Abeyance.” American Sociological Review 54:761-775.

Personal Statement: I have presented my research at the ASA Annual Meetings for 40 years, chaired three sections (Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Sex and Gender, and Sexualities), and served on numerous elected and appointed committees and on the editorial boards of five ASA publications. These experiences introduced me to knowledge and networks that have been fundamental to making me who I am as a sociologist. I have a deep commitment to this organization and, if elected Vice President, would work hard to ensure that ASA serves and forges ties between its diverse members—whether in liberal arts colleges, research universities, or applied settings; whether just beginning their academic careers or reaching retirement; whether motivated by research or by teaching; and whether their scholarship seeks to contribute to the discipline or to influence public debate and social policy. ASA must continue to represent these different constituencies that reflect the discipline.

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Mary Bernstein

Mary Bernstein

Present Professional Position: Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2011–present.

Former Professional Positions Held: Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2005–11; Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut, August 2001–August 2005; Assistant Professor of Justice Studies, Affiliate Women’s Studies, Arizona State University, 1997–2001.

Education: PhD, New York University, 1997; MA, New York University, 1992; BA, Middlebury College, 1985.

Positions Held in ASA: Chair, Section on Sexualities, 2010–11; Secretary Treasurer, Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, 2010–12; Council Member, Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, 2006–09; Council Member, Section on Sexualities, 2005–08; Nominations Committee, Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, 2001–03.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: President, Sociologists for Women in Society, 2014–15; Deputy Editor, Gender & Society, 2011–15; Chair, Editorial and Publications Committee, Society for the Study of Social Problems, 2014–15; Advisory Board Member, Social Problems, Society for the Study of Social Problems, 2000–03 and 2010–14; Consulting Editor, American Journal of Sociology, 2003–05.

Publications: Bernstein, Mary and Verta Taylor, eds., 2013. The Marrying Kind? Debating Same-Sex Marriage Within the Lesbian and Gay Movement. University of Minnesota Press; Bernstein, Mary and Marcie De la Cruz. 2009. “What Are You? Explaining Identity as a Goal of the Multiracial Hapa Movement.” Social Problems 56:722-745; Armstrong, Elizabeth A. and Mary Bernstein. 2008. “Culture, Power, and Institutions: A Multi-Institutional Politics Approach to Social Movements.” Sociological Theory 26:74-99; Bernstein, Mary. 2005. “Identity Politics.” Annual Review of Sociology 31:47-74; Bernstein, Mary. 1997. “Celebration and Suppression: The Strategic Uses of Identity by the Lesbian and Gay Movement.” American Journal of Sociology 103:531-565.

Personal Statement: I am honored to have been nominated for Secretary of ASA. My professional career has been motivated by a desire to understand the dynamics of social change and to ensure that sociological research animates debates over social problems, policy options and solutions, and promotes intersectional understandings of inequality based on race, class, gender, sexualities, and nation that reflect a commitment to social justice. If elected, I would be committed to ensuring the smooth functioning of ASA, which is the primary job of the ASA Secretary. This would include careful attention to sound fiscal management; promoting a transparent, democratic, and deliberative decision-making process; responding to concerns of membership; maintaining good relations with ASA staff; and promoting inclusion and respect for diversity, particularly for historically underrepresented groups. I would also work to maintain and expand the public impact of sociology through media outlets, policy debates, and Supreme Court briefs.

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David Takeuchi

David Takeuchi

Present Professional Position: Professor, Dorothy Book Scholar, and Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work, Boston College, 2013–present.

Former Professional Positions Held: Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Washington, 2007–13; Professor, School of Social Work, University of Washington, 2002–13; Professor, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, 1998–2002.

Education: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale University, 1989; PhD, University of Hawaii, 1987.

Positions Held in ASA: Associate Editor, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 2013–present; Advisory Committee, Minority Fellowship Program, 2013–present; Advisory Committee, Honors Program, 2013–present; Editorial Board, American Sociological Review, 2009–12; Editorial Board, Sociology of Mental Health, 2012–12.

Offices Held in Other Organizations: Board of Directors, Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Science, 2014–present; Immigrant Integration Panel, National Research Council, National Academy of Science, 2014–present; National Advisory Council, Health and Society Scholars, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2012–present; Editorial Board, Social Service Review, 2011–present; Board of Scientific Counselors, National Center for Health Statistics, 2011–14.

Publications: Selected recent representative publications from over 140 total publications. Kravitz-Wirtz, Nicole and David T. Takeuchi (Accepted). “Immigrants and Smoking Behavior: Reviewing the Intersections of Nativity, Gender, and SES, and Ethnicity.” Special Monograph for the National Cancer Institute: Takeuchi, David T., Bruce Link, Salma Sharifff-Marco, Michael L. Spittel and Shobha Srinivasan, Eds. 2013. “Social Inequality and Health.” American Behavioral Scientist. 57:1011-1246; John, Dolly A., Arnold B. de Castro, Dorothy Martin, Bonnie Duran, and David T. Takeuchi. 2012. “Does an Immigrant Health Paradox Exist Among Asian Americans? Associations of Nativity and Occupational Class with Self-Rated Health and Mental Disorders.” Social Science and Medicine. 75:2085-2098; Gong, Fang, Jun Xu, and David T Takeuchi. 2011. “A Life Course Perspective on Migration and Mental Health among Asian Immigrants: The Role Of Human Agency.” Social Sciences & Medicine, 73,1618-1626; Takeuchi, David T. and David R. Williams. Eds. 2011. “Racial Inequality and Health,” DuBois Review, 8:1-307.

Personal Statement: Without the ASA, especially the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) award, I would not have completed my PhD in sociology. The ASA and MFP award gave me access to sociology’s rich traditions and scholarship and opportunities to develop exceptional collegial networks within and outside of sociology, including lifelong friendships. My research investigates social inequalities, especially around health issues, and I have been fortunate to receive national and international recognition and honors for my research. My experiences motivate me to bring the work of sociology and sociologists to different disciplinary, professional and public audiences and to help engage, train, and mentor future social scientists. If elected, I will bring that same energy, commitment, and motivation on behalf of the association and reciprocate ASA’s initial investment in me.

The elected members of the Committee on Nominations prepared most of the slates of candidates for the 2015 election. In order to be eligible to vote in the 2015 election, you must have renewed your membership by March 31. If you have any questions about the slate of candidates or the petition process, e-mail or call (202) 383-9005.

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