March 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 3

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NEW Affinity Benefit! 

Health Proponent is a one-stop resource for ASA members. The site helps members find qualified medical professionals; provides assistance with lowering medical bill payments; helps explain complex medical coverage plans; online personal health record management; online health risk assessment and more.

Visit Health Proponent for more information about the services and fees for ASA members at or call (866) 939-3435.

Member Benefit: TRAILS

TRAILS (the ASA Digital Library) is a database consisting of teaching resource materials that covers many sociological topics and education levels. Visitors can search for materials by resource type including assignments, class assessments, syllabi, web sites, video files, PowerPoint presentations and more. TRAILS has over 80 sociological subject areas and different education levels from high school to graduate studies. This is a useful service for sociologists at any career stage from the teaching assistant to full professor. Members are welcome to submit materials for consideration for inclusion in TRAILS and the material will be peer reviewed prior to final approval.

Members may purchase a one-year subscription to TRAILS at a discounted rate of $25. For more information about TRAILS, please visit or send email to

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit

Membership in ASA benefits you!

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