March 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 3

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Looking forward to the
2011 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

Integrating Business with
Pleasure in Las Vegas

The idea that Las Vegas, whose modern origins are now the stuff of Hollywood legend as depicted in such films as Bugsy, The Aviator, and Casino, could qualify as a true world city seems a stretch. Most places achieve world city status by being financial, trade, or manufacturing hubs, or, as is the case with the biggest and most connected world cities, have a concentration of all three. Las Vegas took a different path to becoming a world city.

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ASA Council Proposes Revised
Dues Structure For Member Approval

ASA Council voted unanimously at its February 2011 meeting in Washington, DC, to bring a revised dues structure to the membership for its approval in the May 2011 ASA annual election (see information on candidates). After two years of discussion with the ASA Committee on the Executive Office and Budget (EOB), Council decided that it was necessary to revise the dues structure to make it fairer and more progressive and to provide a new membership category for unemployed sociologists.

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Ask the ASA Executive Officer

  1. How is the financial well being of the Association?
  1. This question seemed an appropriate one for the ASA Secretary, Catherine White Berheide, to answer, especially now that EOB (Executive Office and Budget Committee) and Council have reviewed the 2010 financials and investments and approved the 2011 budget.

The economic downturn and the difficult financial situation of many institutions of higher education have been a challenge for most individuals and organizations; but ASA has weathered the storm well through prudent management of the Association’s operating budget and its investments.

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Special Announcement:

ASA Annual Meeting Graduate School Poster Session