March 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 3

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How to . . . Publish in TRAILS

The Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, or TRAILS, is a source of innovative teaching resources including class activities, syllabi, lectures, and teaching assessments. It is also a way for professors to receive credit and be cited for their teaching excellence by publishing innovative peer-reviewed teaching resources. You must be a TRAILS subscriber to submit resources. You can submit your teaching resources to TRAILS by following the instructions below.


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  1. Visit TRAILS at After logging in using your ASA ID and password, click on the resource submission instructions tab on the homepage toolbar (see Image 1).
  2. To access the TRAILS submission wizard, go to "Click here for the TRAILS Resources Submission Wizard" link.
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  4. Review the submission wizard instructions and select the next tab. (see Image 3).
  5. Select whether you will be submitting a new or adapted* resource and then select "Next."
    *Adapted Resource: Trails allows users to submit adapted versions of resources that are already a part of the TRAILS collection. All adaptations are subject to review and must show a significant change in order to be accepted. Adapted resources that are accepted into TRAILS are cited as an adaptation of the original published resource.
  6. General Properties: On the General Properties tab you will provide the title of your resource and an abstract or brief description of your resource. On this tab you will also select a thumbnail image*to serve as a visual representation of your resource. This image will appear alongside your resource details and description in TRAILS.
    *you must have full copyright permission for all images you may submit or use as a thumbnail in TRAILS. A list of sources for copyright free images is available on the Help Tab on TRAILS.
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  8. The Details and Goals tab is where you will provide all of the resource metadata for your resource. The more information provided the easier it will be for TRAILS subscribers to find and use your resource. Fill in each of these fields and then select the next tab. (see Image 6).

  10. All TRAILS authors are required to agree to the TRAILS author agreement. Authors do not give up copyright to their materials; they license ASA to distribute it and allow users to download and adapt it for their classes.. Once you have read the agreement select the "I agree" box.
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  12. The next step in the submission process is to upload your resource files. The TRAILS submission wizard will accept Word, PowerPoint, Excel, mp3, or .Mov files (video). You can add multiple files. Once you have uploaded your files, click the next tab. (see Image 8).



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  14. The Review and Save tab gives you the opportunity to review your resources before you make your submission. Once you have confirmed that all of the details are correct, click submit. (see Image 9).



Congratulations you have made a submission to TRAILS! Once the TRAILS submission is made it will go through a two-level peer review process. If your resource is accepted for publication, it will be distributed in TRAILS along with a suggested citation.

A subscription to TRAILS allows you to download unlimited resources and submit unlimited resources for a full year. The TRAILS subscription fee is $25 for ASA members. For more information, contact: or call (202) 383-9005 ext 318

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