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NSF Awarded $8.7 million for Sociological Research and Education in 2006

The Sociology Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces it awards for basic research support and dissertation improvement grants for fiscal year 2006, which covers the period of October 2005-September 2006 (see list below). The Program funded 46 new research projects (including three collaborations) and 39 doctoral dissertation improvement grants. It also supported a workshop and a travel grant that allowed ASA to defray travel costs for participants in the 2006 World Congress of Sociology that took place in Durban, South Africa. (See March 2006 Footnotes, for details on the 2005 NSF sociology grants.)

NSF is a significant source of funding for basic research in sociology. Of the nearly $400 million received by the discipline’s researchers from both government and non-government sources of research support, the federal government— which includes NSF and other research agencies—provides nearly half, according to national statistics on R&D expenditures. In addition to the NSF support that sociologists receive for work in interdisciplinary research, science and math education research, and special initiatives such as the multi-million-dollar Human and Social Dynamics initiative (see January 2007 Footnotes), NSF funding from the Sociology Program supports more narrowly focused sociological research.

Included in the awards listed below are three CAREER awards (from the Faculty Early Career Development Program), which is an NSF-wide activity that offers NSF’s most prestigious awards for junior faculty members to encourage them to practice, and academic institutions to value, the integration of research and education. The awards provide five years of support, at a minimum award amount of $400,000. Also, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Sociology Program used the Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER) funding option to support four projects that enabled investigators to get in the field immediately to collect data. Overall, the Sociology Program and other NSF programs and initiatives (as named in the list of grants below) jointly committed more than $8 million to new sociology projects in 2006.

The Sociology Program holds two grant competitions annually (Regular Research proposal deadlines are August 15 and January 15; Dissertation Improvement proposal deadlines are October 15 and February 15) and is a major source of sociological research funding as part of NSF’s mission to encourage theoretically focused empirical investigations aimed at improving the explanation of fundamental social processes and structures. For information about sociology funding opportunities at NSF contact the Program Officers: Patricia White, Paul Ciccantell, and Kevin Gotham

* * *

2006 Regular Grants

Babones, Salvatore, University of Pittsburgh, Globalization and the World Economy, $41,143.
Bashi, Vilna, Rugters University, Strengthening Qualitative Research: Determining Identity in International Adoptions, $70,000.
Brint, Steven, University of California- Riverside, Academic Organization in American Higher Education, $80,532.
Cheshire, Coye, University of California- Berkeley, Collaborative Research: Exchange Network Transition: Uncertainty, Risk and Shifts in Mode of Exchange, jointly funded with Decision, Risk and Management Sciences, $103,559.
Cohn, Ellen, Karen VanGundy &
Cesar Rebellon,
University of New Hampshire, Cognitive Developmental Factors and Rule-violating Behavior: The Role of Personal Attributes, Attitudes and Peers, jointly funded with Law and Social Sciences, $254,918.
Cook, Karen, Stanford University, Collaborative Research: Exchange Network Transition: Uncertainty, Risk and Shifts in Modes of Transition, jointly funded with Decision, Risk and Management Sciences, $103,997.
Correll, Shelley, Cornell University, Motherhood and Labor Market Outcomes, $85,108.
Crenshaw, Edward, J. Craig Jenkins, Ohio State University, Ideology and International Terrorism: Types of Terrorism and Their Structural Determinants, $112,102.
Curran, Sara, University of Washington, Collaborative Research: Migration & Social Dynamics; Unpacking the Black Box of Cumulative Causation, $252,600.
Dinovitzer, Ronit, Joyce Sterling, Robert Nelson & Bryant Garth, American Bar Foundation, After the JD: Legal Careers in Transition, jointly funded with Law and Social Sciences, $355,341.
Dobbin, Frank, Harvard University, Equal Opportunity Innovations at Work: Mechanisms for Reducing Job Segregation, jointly funded with Innovation and Organizational Change, and Law and Social Sciences, $366,863.
Donato, Katherine & Melissa Marschall, Vanderbilt University, Immigrant Parent Involvement in Schools, Communities and Politics, $300,898.
Faulkner, Robert & Howard Becker,University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Repertoire in Action among Musicians, $115,000.
Firebaugh, Glenn, Pennsylvania State University-University Park, How Much Satisfaction Does Income Buy? Cross- Country Comparisons, $60,271.
Fitch, Catherine, Steven Ruggles, & J. Michael Oakes, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Marriage and Economic Opportunity in the United States, $158,707.
Gerstel, Naomi & Dan Clawson,University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Explaining Job Hours and Schedules: Individual, Familial and Organizational Processes in Four Health Care Occupations, $195,000.
Galaskiewicz, Joseph, University of Arizona, Organizational Demography of Youth Service Providers, $66,466.
Hagan, John, Holly Foster, American Bar Foundation, Parental Incarceration and Intergenerational Social Exclusion, jointly funded with Law and Social Sciences, $292,928.
Hillmann, Henning, Stanford University, Commerce and Crime: States, Property Rights, and the War on Trade, 1700-1815, $118,209.
Inglehart, Ronald, Jon Miller, University of Michigan, The Human Component of Social Change, jointly funded with Science and Society, $198,900.
Kohn, Melvin, Johns Hopkins University, Social Structure and Personality during the Transformation of Urban China, $200,000.
Leicht, Kevin, University of Iowa, State Investments in Successful Transitions to Adulthood, $127,819.
Maume, David & Sarah Estes, University of Cincinnati, Nonstandard Schedules, Work and Family Life, $194,990.
Massey, Douglas, Princeton University, Collaborative Research: Migration & Social Dynamics; Unpacking the Black Box of Cumulative Causation, $47,400.
Maynard, Douglas, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Recruiting Respondents to the Survey Interview, jointly funded with Methodology, Measurement and Statistics, $360,000.
McCarthy, John, Pennsylvania State University-University Park, Understanding the Likelihood of Occurrence and Dynamics of Campus Community Public Order Disturbances, $100,243.
Misra, Joya & Michelle Budig, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, The Cross- National Effects of Work-Family Policies on the Wage Penalty for Motherhood, $95,000.
Molotch, Harvey, New York University, Strategic Observers in the City: How They See and What They Do, $150,000.
Moore, Kesha, Drew University, Research Planning Grant: Urban Neighborhood Development and Community Well-being, $44,964.
Obach, Brian, SUNY New Paltz, Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI): Coalition Dynamics and Strategic Innovation in the Organic Movement, $85,000.
Olzak, Susan, Stanford University, Collaborative Research on Advocacy Group Activity and Legislative Change Concerning the Environment, $164,053.
Orum, Anthony & Maritsa Poros, University of Illinois-Chicago, Immigrant Communities: A Study of Their Formation and Influence, $338,170.
Paxton, Pamela, The Ohio State University, How Women Attain Political Power: Understanding Women’s Representation in Parliaments, 1893-2003, $115,000.
Raymo, James & Robert Hauser, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Life Course Trajectories and the Retirement Process, $150,004.
Simpson, Brent & Barry Markovsky, University of South Carolina, Power and Perception in Networks, jointly funded with the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), $228,440.
Spalter-Roth, Roberta, American Sociological Association, What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology? Phase II, $79,200.
Soule, Sarah, Cornell University, Collaborative Research on Advocacy Group Activity and Legislative Change Concerning the Environment, $180,000.
Stark, David & Balazs Vedres, Columbia University, Network Dynamics in an Emerging Democracy, jointly funded with the Office of International Science and Engineering, $189,346.
Stets, Jan, University of California- Riverside, Advancing Identity Control Theory, $179,798.
Swain, Carol, Vanderbilt University, Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER): Exploring Citizen Reactions to Immigration, jointly funded with Political Science, $30,661.
Treiman, Donald, William Mason & Shige Song, University of California-Los Angeles, Internal Migration in China: Data Collection and Analysis, jointly funded with Methodology, Measurement and Statistics, and Geography and Regional Studies, $238,249.
Yamaguchi, Kazuo, National Opinion Research Center, Multi-level Risk-interdependence Models for Competing Events and their Applications to Social and Demographic Research, jointly funded with Methodology, Measurement and Statistics, $170,000.

* * *

2006 CAREER Awards

Earl, Jennifer, University of California- Santa Barbara, CAREER: The Internet, Activism and Social Movements, jointly funded with Science and Society, $404,999.
Owen-Smith, Jason, University of Michigan, CAREER: The Emergence and Ramifications of the United States Knowledge Economy, jointly funded with Science and Society, and Innovation and Organizational Change, $402,004.
Pager, Devah, Princeton University, CAREER: Toward Improving the Conceptualization and Measurement of Discrimination, jointly funded with Law and Social Sciences, and Methodology, Measurement and Statistics, $400,103.

* * *

2006 Hurricane SGER Grants

Weil, Frederick,Edward Shihadeh & Matthew Lee, Louisiana State University, A&M, Small Grant for Exploratory Research: The Social Fabric Under Stress: Baton Rouge’s Explosive Growth after Hurricane Katrina, jointly supported by the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, $59,942.
Beggs, John, Jeanne Hurlbert, Wesley Shrum, Valerie Haines & Susan Dumais, Louisiana State University, A&M, Small Grant for Exploratory Research: Social Networks and Displacement After Hurricane Katrina, jointly supported by the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, $162,302.
Johnson, James H, Jr., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Small Grant for Exploratory Research: Tracking Migratory Behavior of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees, Phase I: Sample Identification, Data Collection & Analysis, jointly supported by the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, $93,080.

* * *

Group Travel

Hillsman, Sally, American Sociological Association, Group Travel for U.S. Participants in the XVI World Congress of Sociology, Durban, South Africa, jointly funded with the Office of International Science and Engineering, $69,500.

* * *

Workshop Grants

Cozzens, Susan, Georgia Institute of Technology, Workshop: Social Organization of Science and Science Policy, $67,699

* * *

Dissertation Grants

Angel, Ronald & Javier Pereira Bruno, University of Texas-Austin, A Cross- National Comparison of Non-Governmental Organizations, $6,296.
Arrighi, Giovanni & Jake Lowinger, Johns Hopkins University, A Sociological Analysis of Labor Unrest, Natural Dissolution, and Civil War, $7,500.
Blee, Kathleen & Ashley Currier, University of Pittsburgh, The Visibility of Minority Movement Organizations in South Africa and Namibia, $7,500.
Breiger, Ronald & Tiffiny McKeon, University of Arizona, A Sociological Analysis of Affect and Language Use in Ethnic Subcultures, $7,098.
Conrad, Peter & Betina Freidin, Brandeis University, A Sociological Analysis of Unconventional Forms of Healing in Argentina, $7,500.
DiMaggio, Paul & Nicole Esparza,Princeton University, A Sociological Analysis of Organizational Competition and Survival among Homeless, $2,785.
Elliot, James & Jeannie Haubert, Tulane University, Discrimination in the Rental Market: A Focus on Latinos, $7,500.
Goodwin, Jeffrey & Mikaila Arthur, New York University, A Sociological Analysis of Competing Explanations for Curricular Change, $6,170.
Guillot, Michel & Keera Allendorf, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Family Relationships, Decision Making, and Health Care Use, $6,635.
Jencks, Christopher & Elisabeth Jacobs, Harvard University, The Perception and Management of Family Economic Risk, $7,500.
Kenworthy, Lane & Keith Bentele, University of Arizona, Income Inequality in the United States: Determinants, Trends and Paths, $6,770.
Kimeldorf, Howard & David Dobbie, University of Michigan, A Sociological Analysis of Labor-Community Coalitions, $7,500.
Klingman, Gail & Rene Almeling, University of California-Los Angeles, The Development of the Medical Market in Genetic Material: A Historical and Contemporary Analysis, $7,500.
Knoke, David & Xinxiang Chen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, State Intervention, Interfirm Relations and Firm Performance, $7,500.
Korzeniewicz, Roberto & Natasha Sacouman, University of Maryland- College Park, The Impact of Associational Structure on Democratization in Poor Communities, $5,430.
Larson, Ulla & Megan Klein, University of Maryland-College Park, A Sociological Analysis of Trust, Commitment, and Health Risk Among Young Adults, $7,500.
Lee, Jennifer & Jody Agius, University of California-Irvine, Immigration and Trajectories to the Middle Class, $7,040.
Macy, Michael & Ko Kuwabara, Cornell University, Uncertainty, Reputation Effects and Relational Formation, $7,190.
McGammon, Holly & Teresa Terrell, Vanderbilt University, Community Participation in Neighborhood Organizations: An Investigation of Local Participation in Two Inner City Neighborhoods, $7,500.
Nee, Victor & John Scott, Cornell University, Cooperation and Collusion: The Ambiguous Role of Lobbying in America, $7,448.
Persell, Caroline & Kathryn Pfeiffer,New York University, Intergenerational Wealth and Educational Resources, $2,503.
Potter, Joseph & Sara Yeatman,University of Texas-Austin, Childbearing Preferences in Times of Crisis: Economic and Sociocultural Processes and Explanations, $7,495.
Reskin, Barbara & Elizabeth Hirsh, University of Washington, Organizational Response to Discrimination Charges, $6,269.
Roscigno, Vincent & Lisa Garoutte, The Ohio State University, Lynching in the U.S. South: Incorporating the Historical Record on Race, Class, and Gender, $6,850.
Roth, Louise & Samantha Kwan, University of Arizona, Family Obesity: Cultural Consumers, Researchers, Activists, and Industry Frames, $7,500.
Rothman, Barbara Katz & Tracy Chu, CUNY Graduate School, Mental Health and Well-being among Refugees, $7,500.
Schneider, Barbara & Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick, University of Chicago, The Invisible Hand: Parent Accountability Pressures in Urban Schools, $7,500.
Simpson, Brent & Susan Sutphin, University of South Carolina, The Role of Self-evaluations in Legitimizing Inequality, $6,300.
Soule, Sarah & Jeff Larson, University of Arizona, Institutional Environments and Forms of Institutional Challenges, $7,500.
Treas, Judith & Christin Hilgeman, University of California-Irvine, Work Hour Regulations and Family Policies in Cross-national Perspective, $7,500.
Weakliem, David & Casey Borch, University of Connecticut, Whose Opinion Counts? An Analysis of the Opinion–Policy Linkage in the United States, $4,672.
Western, Bruce & Jake Rosenfeld, Princeton University, Social and Political Consequences of Union Decline, $2,691.
Wiley, David & Kimberly Perez, Michigan State University, Decentralization and Representation in Nigerian Local Government, $7,425.
Wright, Erik O. & Amy Lang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agenda Setting and Framing in Citizen Deliberation, $7,440.