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Council Appoints New ASA Editors

During their respective meetings in December 1999 and January 2000, the ASA Committee on Publications recommended, and ASA Council approved, new editors for Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Psychology Quarterly, Sociological Methodology, and the Rose Series in Sociology. The new journal editors' official terms will begin in January 2001, with editorial transitions taking place in late summer 2000. For the Rose Series, the new editors will begin immediately. The new editors are:

Contemporary Sociology: Jo Ann Miller and Robert Perrucci, Purdue University

Journal of Health and Social Behavior: Bruce G. Link, Columbia School of Public Health

Social Psychology Quarterly: Cecilia L. Ridgeway, Stanford University

Sociological Methodology: Ross M. Stolzenberg, University of Chicago

Rose Series in Sociology: Doug Anderton, Dan Clawson, Naomi Gerstel, Randall Stokes, and Robert Zussman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

As they become available, Footnotes will run biographies of the new editors as well as new submission addresses for the new editorial offices.