July/August 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 6

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Council Highlights

ASA Council held its mid-year meeting on February 12-13, 2010, via conference call as a result of record-breaking snowstorms interrupting travel on the East Coast. Pending Council approval and online posting of the minutes, the following is a brief snapshot of key decisions and information.

Agenda and Minutes. The original agenda was limited to those major items that could be dealt with effectively in the three conference call sessions. The minutes for the Council meeting on August 11, 2009, were approved.


Donations. By acclamation, sent a letter of thanks to SWS for its $100,000 contribution to the ASA Minority Fellowship Program.

Publications. Accepted recommendations from the Committee on Publications for the editorships of Social Psychology Quarterly and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Task Force on Sociology and Criminology Programs. Accepted the final report, thanked the task force for its stellar work, and directed that the report be made available to ASA members, the American Society of Criminology, and the Academy of Criminal Justice.

Committee on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Persons in Sociology:

Committee on the Status of Women in Sociology (CSWS):

New Business

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