July-August 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 6

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ASA Partners with Sage
for Journal Publishing

by Karen Gray Edwards, ASA Director of Publications and Membership


Front: Jayne Marks, Sage Vice President and
Editorial Director and Sally T. Hillsman,
ASA Executive Officer.
: Karen Gray Edwards, ASA Director of
Publications and Membership; Thomas Taylor,
Sage Vice President of Marketing and Sales;
and Michele Sordi, Sage Vice President
and Editorial Director (Books).

After an exhaustive two-year process, the ASA has signed an agreement with Sage Publications to partner with the Association in publishing its journals. Sage will begin publishing the American Sociological Review, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Psychology Quarterly, and Teaching Sociology with the 2010 volume year. Until now, ASA has self-published these six journals. Sociological Methodology and Sociological Theory, currently published for the ASA by Wiley-Blackwell, will fold into the Sage partnership in 2012.

The decision to move away from self-publishing these six ASA journals began several years ago with the evolution of web-based journal content—and the opportunities and challenges it presents. While the self-published journals were financially stable, it was increasingly difficult to manage the demands for online-only pricing, international markets, consortia and "bundling" arrangements, and interactive content for member subscribers.

The decision to enter a partnership with Sage followed a request for proposals to a number of publishers and a detailed review of the resulting proposals by the ASA Executive Office, Committee on Publications, the Executive Office and Budget Committee, and ASA Council. Only proposals that met a detailed list of criteria were considered.

ASA Secretary Don Tomaskovic-Devey (who helped coordinate discussions between the Committee on Publications, the Executive Office, and ASA Council) noted the remarkable consensus that developed in the selection of Sage as our publishing partner: "From every perspective—scholarly potential, intellectual reach, and financial assurances—Sage is a great choice to partner with," he said.

The agreement with Sage offers the Association’s journal publishing program significant national and international marketing and advanced technological expertise—while maintaining the revenue stream vital to quality publication and support of ASA educational programs—without any significant increase in subscription prices. In addition, the editorial process will get an upgrade through SageTrack, with its web-based submission, review, and tracking of manuscripts.

Sage uses Highwire (based at Stanford University) for online journal content. Beginning in 2010, ASA journal articles from 2004 on will be housed on Highwire, and ASA will end its agreement with Ingenta. ASA will continue to be a participating publisher in JSTOR.

"We couldn’t be more pleased that ASA has selected Sage as their publisher and are delighted to be working with them to grow and strengthen their publishing program," said Alison Mudditt, Sage Executive Vice President. "The ASA’s prestigious journals will increase the quality of our already strong list in sociology. Our extensive online presence, marketing efforts, and international sales team will help ASA receive heightened worldwide visibility for their journals."

The new partnership with Sage is an exciting new chapter in ASA journal publishing. Sage offers financial strength and security to the Association and its publishing program, content depth and breadth in sociology, strong global reach, and an innovative web 2.0 university-based technology platform. Future issues of Footnotes will provide additional information as the new online platform and related products are launched. We look forward to members’ input and reaction. logo

Be sure to stop by the Sage booth at the 2009 Annual Meeting exhibit hall in San Francisco to welcome our new publishing partner.


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