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2006 ASA Election Results

With more than 40% of eligible voters participating, ASA members have elected Arne L. Kalleberg of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as President-Elect, Douglas McAdam of Stanford University as Vice President-Elect, and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey as Secretary-Elect. Kalleberg, McAdam, and Tomaskovic-Devey will serve one year as Elect and will then assume office at the end of the 2007 Annual Meeting. Kalleberg and the 2008 Program Committee will be responsible for shaping the 2008 ASA Annual Meeting, scheduled for August 1–4, 2008, in Boston.

Voters also elected four new Members-at-Large to serve on the ASA Council: Dalton Conley, New York University; Mary E. Pattillo, Northwestern University; Mary Romero, Arizona State University; Rubén Rumbaut, University of California-Irvine. The new Council Members-at-Large will take office at the end of the Annual Meeting in Montreal.

Members also elected four new members to the Committee on Committees, six new members to the Committee on Nominations, and two new members to the Committee on Publications. Voters overwhelmingly approved four amendments to the Association’s bylaws, and by a narrower margin approved renaming two ASA awards: the ASA Distinguished Career of Scholarship Award will now be the W.E.B. DuBois Distinguished Career of Scholarship Award, and the DuBois-Johnson-Frasier Award will now be the Cox-Johnson-Frasier Award.

There were 11,197 members eligible to vote in the 2006 election. Of those eligible, 4,515 members cast votes, constituting a 40% participation rate. Over the five most recent elections participation had averaged 32%.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the newly elected officers and committee members, and thank everyone who served the Association by running for office and by voting in this election.

President-Elect Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Vice President-Elect Douglas McAdam, Stanford University
Secretary-Elect Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Council Dalton Conley, New York University
Mary E. Pattillo, Northwestern University
Mary Romero, Arizona State University
Rubén Rumbaut, University of California-Irvine
Committee on Publications Amy S. Wharton, Washington State University
Howard Winant, University of California-Santa Barbara
Committee on Nominations Suzanne M. Bianchi, University of Maryland-College Park
Elisabeth Clemens, University of Chicago
Kathleen Gerson, New York University
Ross L. Matsueda, University of Washington
Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Ann R. Tickamyer, Ohio University
Committee on Committees Rebecca L. Clark, NICHD/National Institutes of Health
Annette Lareau, University of Maryland-College Park
Gilda Laura Ochoa, Pomona College
Alford A. Young, Jr., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor