January 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 1

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Spivack Program in
Applied Social Research and Social Policy

ASA Community Action Research Initiative (CARI) Grant
Deadline: February 1

The ASA encourages applications for the Community Action Research Initiative (CARI). The purpose of this grant is to encourage sociologists to undertake community action projects that bring social science knowledge, methods, and expertise to bear in addressing community-identified issues and concerns. Grant applications are encouraged from sociologists seeking to work with community organizations, local public interest groups, or community action projects. Funding will run for the duration of the project, whatever the time span might be.

Applications are encouraged from sociologists in academic settings, research institutions, private and non-profit organizations, and government. Advanced graduate students are eligible to apply, but funding cannot be used to support dissertation research. While ASA membership is not a criterion for applying or being selected for this grant, if and when a grant award is made, the recipient must be a current ASA member. ASA membership involves acceptance of and adherence to the ASA Code of Ethics, which is critical to the implementation of the grant project. Grantees must also provide documentation of pertinent IRB approval for the funded project.

For additional information and complete application materials, visit www.asanet.org and click on "Funding." Direct questions or comments to spivack@asanet.org or (202) 383-9005 x322.

ASA Congressional Fellowship
Deadline: February 1

The ASA Congressional Fellowship brings a PhD-level sociologist to Washington, DC, to work as a staff member on a congressional committee or in a congressional office, or as a member of a congressional agency. This intensive six- to eleven-month experience reveals the intricacies of the policy-making process to the sociological fellow and shows the usefulness of sociological data and concepts to policy issues. The fellowship stipend is $20,000 for six months or $30,000 for 11 months.

Each applicant should have a general idea about the area of interest, some experience in client-driven work, good writing skills, and a commitment to the policy process. It is helpful to investigate some placement possibilities in advance or to suggest some in the letter of interest. The application should highlight the link between one’s sociological expertise and a current policy issue. Be sure to specify the time span available to do the fellowship placement.

ASA will join with other associations’ congressional fellows to offer orientation, meetings, and support for the person selected. The person will work closely with the ASA’s Spivack Program on Applied Social Research and Social Policy, with possibilities for congressional staff or press briefings, public speaking, writing issue papers, and other opportunities.

Applications can be obtained by downloading one off of the ASA website (www.asanet.org and click on "Funding"). Materials must be postmarked by February 1. Direct questions to:

ASA Congressional Fellowship 1430 K Street, NW, Suite 600 Washington, DC 20005, (202) 383-9005 x322, spivack@asanet.org. logosmall

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