January 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 1

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Just Announced:
ASA to Hold 2011 Annual Meeting
in Las Vegas

The American Sociological Association (ASA) announced this month that it will hold its 106th Annual Meeting at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from August 20-23. The 2011 Annual Meeting was originally to be held in Chicago, but the association announced in December that it was finding a new location in response to a protracted labor dispute involving hotels in that city, including the two that had been scheduled to host the meeting. The contracts between Chicago union hotels and UNITE HERE Local 1 expired August 31, 2009.

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Should New PhDs Consider
Non-Academic Careers?

Should sociology graduate advisors be encouraging new PhDs to consider non-academic careers? The American Anthropology Association (AAA) has revamped its annual meetings and publications because roughly half its membership works outside the academy in government agencies, for-profits, and non-profit organizations, according to a recent article in theChronicle of Higher Education (http://chronicle.com/article/Nonacademic-Members-Push/125440/). The AAA aims to promote alternative careers for graduate students, partly because of a tight job market for tenure-track jobs and partly because many soon-to-be PhDs want to pursue alternative careers. The Chronicle article also reports that some academic scholars in anthropology are unhappy with this shift.

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How To:

Grant Writing in the Discipline:
What Makes for a Successful Proposal?

I have been asked to share some thoughts regarding getting a proposal funded in the discipline. My reflections stem from my involvement with the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the past 12 years as a recipient of NSF grants, NSF reviewer, participant on NSF disciplinary and interdisciplinary panels, and NSF Sociology Program Director (2008-10). NSF funds basic science. Thus, what I discuss below applies more to researchers with this agenda.

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