January 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 1

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Send 2009 Session Suggestions

The theme for the 2009 Annual Meeting is “The New Politics of Community.” Members must submit proposals for Invited Sessions by February 1, 2008. See www.asanet.org/cs/root/leftnav/meetings/future_meetings/list_of_meetings.

For Members Only . . .

ASA Online Bookstore

ASA members save up to 70% on publications and merchandise through the ASA online bookstore at www.asanet.org/bookstore. Order the new ASA Style Guide, save $5 on the hilarious Sociologist’s Book of Cartoons, or improve your teaching with one of ASA’s renowned sets of syllabi and instructional materials. Use your ASA ID and password to order, be sure to visit the new "On Sale" and "E-book" sections.

Magazine Program

Members can save up to 50% on subscriptions to thousands of popular magazines through the ASA Magazine Program. Some prices are so low that they are well below the publisher’s lowest advertised rate! Visit www.buymags.com/asa to see if your favorite magazine is listed. Even if it isn’t listed, they can usually negotiate directly with the publisher for a rate significantly below the lowest advertised price.

2008 Coupon Listing

With listings for books, journals, and software from other publishers, members can take advantage of significant discounts through the new 2008 Coupon Listing. Log in to the online member-only page using your ASA ID and password, and click on "Coupon Listing."

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit www.asanet.org/benefits.

Membership in ASA benefits you!

Nominate Colleagues for Major ASA Awards Online

With the growing number of nominees coming in each year, ASA announces the launch of a new online submission form for its major awards program. This form should help members to more easily nominate scholars within the discipline who have made a significant impact in sociology for these important awards. To nominate an individual for an ASA major award using the online submission form, visit www.asanet.org/cs/asa_major_awards_form.

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