January 2008 Issue Volume 36 Issue 1

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2007 Teaching Guides and Syllabi
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New from ASA

These new guides are available in the ASA Bookstore (www.asanet.org/bookstore) or by phone at (202) 383-9005 ext. 389:

Body $15
Capstone Course $19
Comparative-Historical Methods $18
Demography $18
Environmental $17
Family and Gender Violence $18
Peace, War, and Military Institutions $16
Qualitative Methods $14
Race and Ethnic Relations $19
Social Problems $13
Theory $18

January-only Sale Prices for Recent Teaching Guides on:

  Appalachian Studies $13
Clinical Sociology $11
Critical Pedagogy $15
Sociology of Culture $12
Sociology of Death and Dying $12
Distance and Cross-Campus Learning $11
Genocide $15
Human Rights $11
Student Instructor/ TA Development $12
Sociology of Work and Occupations $13

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