January 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 1

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New International Footnotes Column

Submit ideas for Footnotes’ International Perspectives Footnotes invites contributions from knowledgeable non-North American sociologists on the state of the discipline and profession of sociology in countries outside North America for publication in a new occasional column, “International Perspectives.” Sociological analyses of significant national events in these countries that would be of interest to North American sociologists are welcome for publication. Original contributions must be in English and no more than 900-1,100 words. Published content will be the property of the American Sociological Association and available in both print and online editions of Footnotes. To discuss possible contributions or send material, contact: Lee Herring, Associate Editor (herring@asanet.org) or Johanna Olexy, Managing Editor (olexy@asanet.org). small_green

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