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Reflecting on ASA’s Centennial Year, 2005

At this time 100 years ago . . . at about the time that the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft, the American Sociological Society was also off to a flying start as a newly formed association (1905).

75 years ago . . . while many American families’ incomes dropped by 40% due to the Great Depression, the ASA published Publications of the American Sociological Society, which included annual proceedings, papers and abstracts of the Annual Meeting, membership list, annual program and the Yearbook of the Section on Rural Sociology (1930).

50 years ago . . . when Disneyland opened its gates in Anaheim, the Association opened its doors to a new journal, Sociometry, received from J.L. Moreno (1955).

25 years ago . . . as women began to account for the majority of college students in the United States, the ASA awarded its first Distinguished Scholarship Award to Robert K. Merton (1980).