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2000 Census
Counting on a Civic Moment

The long-awaited Year 2K has finally arrived, bringing with it two hallmarks of American democracy-a presidential election and a census. Political pundits and policy wonks alike will be watching both events for signs that the dramatic decline in civic participation has slowed, or perhaps even turned around. The challenge of public engagement is enormous. For political candidates, getting eligible voters to the polls on Election Day may be a greater obstacle to success than simply winning their support. For the U.S. Census Bureau, the extent of the task is far broader: reaching every resident of the United States, regardless of citizenship or residency status, criminal history, or age, and putting them in the right location.

The enormity of that challenge has not escaped Census Bureau Director Kenneth Prewitt, himself a social scientist by training. At his swearing-in ceremony in November 1998, Dr. Prewitt first raised the idea of the census as civic activity, saying that the Census Bureau has a "civic responsibility" to conduct the best decennial count it can.

2000 Annual Meeting: August 12-16, 2000
  You're Invited!

All sociologists and other interested social scientists are invited to come to Washington, DC, this summer to attend the first American Sociological Association Annual Meeting of the 21st century. The 95th Annual Meeting - to be held August 12-16, 2000 - will bring together more than 5,000 sociologists and other social scientists, including professors, practitioners, and students, who are committed to examining the many important substantive issues that face our society and our world today.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2000
  2000 Student Travel Awards

The Student Forum of the American Sociological Association (ASA) administers student travel awards to the ASA Annual Meeting. These awards are made on a competitive basis and are meant to assist students by defraying costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting. All applicants for a Student Travel Award are encouraged to seek additional forms of funding for their travel as well as other costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting. Council has allocated $5000 for this purpose.

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