February Issue • Volume 44 • Issue 2

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Most Downloaded Footnotes articles of 2015

The most popular Footnotes articles of 2015, as measured by those that received the most unique page views, are listed below. Yes, there are seven articles listed. Call it an editor’s prerogative.

  1. Recipients of the 2015 ASA Awards Announcing the award winners certainly is big news. www.asanet.org/footnotes/feb15/awards_0215.html
  2. Notre Dame Scholars to Take Over the Helm at ASR With a nautical/pirate theme, Jeremy Freese introduced readers to the new American Sociological Review editors. www.asanet.org/footnotes/julyaugust15/asr_0715.html
  3. Keister and Moody to Edit Socius The profile of the inaugural editors of ASA’s new open-access journal proved to be newsworthy. www.asanet.org/footnotes/mayjun15/socius_0515.html
  4. Top-Cited Articles in Sociology Journals, 2010–2014 While only published in December, this article has resonated with readers. And, with well over 800 shares, social media has had something to do with that. www.asanet.org/footnotes/dec15/journals_1215.html
  5. ASA Welcomes MFP Cohort 42 An impressive list of Fellows, indeed. www.asanet.org/footnotes/julyaugust15/mfp_0715.html
  6. Candidates for the 2015 ASA Election It is good to know that readers are reading those candidate profiles. www.asanet.org/footnotes/march-april15/election_0315.html
  7. The Comedy of Sociology This article by Nate Dern proves that the discipline does have a sense of humor. www.asanet.org/footnotes/mayjun15/comedy_0515.html

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