February 2014 Issue • Volume 42 • Issue 2

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Contexts Issues Available Online Free for 30 days in 2014

ASA is pleased to announce that in 2014 each issue of Contexts magazine will be freely available online for 30 days after publication, beginning with the first issue of 2014 (Winter). With support from SAGE, which publishes Contexts on behalf of the Association, the free access hopes to encourage readers from outside the magazine’s traditional subscriber base and simplify access by media and policymakers. (Members who subscribe to Contexts receive online access to the full archive of Contexts’ issues by logging into the ASA member portal.)

Interested readers should bookmark ctx.sagepub.com and visit after each issue is published. Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social science research accessible to sociologists as well as general readers. It is considered by many to be the public face of sociology. First published in 2002, it includes feature articles, culture and book reviews, and photo essays, as well as analysis of the latest social science research.

For additional information on Contexts, visit the journal website at www.contexts.org.

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