February 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 2

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Graduate School Poster Session

The ASA Academic and Professional Affairs Program is now accepting reservations for the 2012 Graduate Program Poster Session. Departments will be assigned a spot based on the order that the reservations are received. There is no fee to participate in the conference but please note that the person who sets up the display must be registered for the Annual Meeting; badges are required for entry into the exhibit hall. Reservations must be received by April 15, 2012 so that your department name can appear in the program schedule. If you would like to reserve a spot, please send an email to apap@asanet.org. The Academic and Professional Affairs Program is delighted to once again bring together representatives of departments from across the country with undergraduate students and Masters students looking to continue their education. The information provided at the poster session is also useful to undergraduate advisors researching programs of interest to their students.

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