February 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 2

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New Staff at the ASA Executive Office


Justin Lini

Justin Lini

If you have done any work with Sections and Governance since August than you’ve likely read these words in your email inbox or on heard them on the telephone: "Hello, I’m Justin Lini, Governance Associate here at ASA..."

Even if we haven’t had the pleasure of speaking I am happy to have the chance to introduce myself. As ASA’s Governance Associate I help coordinate the day-to-day business of our fifty-one sections, organize ASA’s elections and support the work of the association’s governing committees. In addition I handle the logistics behind ASA’s awards.

My wife, Tracy, and I are recent transplants to Washington, DC; we have lived here since 2007. I am a Michigan native who studied political science and fine art at Eastern Michigan University and conflict resolution at American University before working at ASA. Outside of work, I paint, write, and study French. I also serve as an Executive Committee member for Conflict Solutions International, an independent, non-partisan organization that focuses on ameliorating international conflict.

In the future, I plan on expanding my academic career in the social sciences by studying third-party intervention in conflicts using a systems analysis approach. In doing so, I hope to develop new analytical methods to assist practitioners and enrich the public’s understanding of conflict.


Michelle Dupray

Michelle Dupray

If you visited the website recently, you probably saw a lot of what I do at ASA. I’m Michelle Dupray and I joined ASA in July 2010 as the new webmaster.

One of my web passions is accessibility. Have you ever wondered how individuals with mobile, visual, or hearing impairments view a website? Most of these individuals use web accessible technologies that are dependent on up-to-date, modern web code that falls within the guidelines of Section 508. I often go through our site to make sure our pages are meeting Section 508 guidelines.

I also enjoy merging social technologies into our site. As I hope many of you noticed, the Dining Guide from the 2010 Annual Meeting had an interactive Google Map. Look for more social media integration, including Twitter, within the ASA site in the near future.

I’m always striving to increase my knowledge of technology and recently completed a Java class. I’m currently applying for part-time master’s degree programs in Information Technology.

Like Justin, I grew up in Michigan, but my journey took me to Arizona, where I lived for nine years. While in Arizona, I participated in many local political campaigns and was a volunteer for the humanitarian group No More Deaths. I moved to the Washington area four years ago, with everything I owned packed in my Neon. In addition to my job at ASA, I involve myself in the local community by volunteering as an ESL teacher and being involved in local politics. logosmall

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