February 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 2

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ESS Partners with ASA
in MFP Leadership Campaign

ASA is pleased to announce the participation of the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) in the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Leadership Campaign! The Campaign, led by former ASA Vice President Margaret L. Andersen and ASA Executive Officer Sally T. Hillsman, is now supported by 88 contributing leaders including individuals and organizations. The Campaign participation of ESS, along with that of the McCune Foundation , adds to the impressive group of organizational partners for MFP, which annually includes Sociologists for Women in Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, the Midwest Sociological Society, the Association of Black Sociologists, and the Southwestern Sociological Association.

All of the individual leaders have made a significant five-year commitment or, in the case of organizations, a large one-time contribution and/or yearly donations to help secure the future of MFP. The amount of the pledges has totaled nearly $475,000 over five years. MFP is completely supported by contributions from its organizational partners and individual ASA members. For more information on the Campaign, please contact Jean H. Shin, Director of the ASA Minority Affairs Program, at shin@asanet.org. Thank you again to all who have supported the Campaign and also to those who provide generous support to MFP at ASA membership renewal time, the MFP Benefit Reception at the ASA Annual Meeting, and through contributing publication royalties. (See September/October 2009, January 2010, March 2010, and November 2010 issues of Footnotes for prior articles on the Campaign.) logosmall

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