February 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 2

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ASA members receive a 30% discount on all Annual Reviews Social Science journals. Visit www.annualreviews.org and use the ASA2010 promotion code at checkout.

Online Member and Department Directories

Current members can find other ASA members’ e-mail address by searching by name, institution, or geographical location. Or search the online department directory for information on more than 2,200 departments—from PhD-granting institutions to community colleges. Log in to the member-only page at www.asanet.org/members/memberlogin.cfm.

Free Teaching Resources

Through the online member-only page, members can access free electronic versions of several syllabi sets, research briefs and other teaching resources. For access to these tools, log in to the member-only page at www.asanet.org/members/memberlogin.cfm.

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit www.asanet.org/benefits.

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