February 2008 Issue Volume 36 Issue 2

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Current members can find other ASA members’ e-mail addresses by searching by name, institution, or geographical location. Or, search the online department directory for information on more than 2,200 departments—from PhD-granting to community colleges offering courses but no major or degree program. Log in to the member-only page at www.asanet.org.

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Through the online member-only page, members can access free electronic versions of several syllabi sets and other teaching resources. Log in to the member-only page at www.asanet.org.

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Included in ASA membership is access to the ASA online job bank, where current members can view current position openings and post their own vita for active online employers to review. Visit the online job bank at http://jobbank.asanet.org and log in using your ASA ID and password.

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit www.asanet.org/benefits.

Membership in ASA benefits you!


(Preferably alive and well)


Submissions for the 5th edition of Sociology of Sport: Syllabi and Teaching Resources.


Even if you have not taught a full-length Sociology of Sport class but have incorporated the study of sport into a particular course section or session, please strongly consider submitting these materials.


All submissions and questions should be directed to Kyle C. Longest, 155 Hamilton Hall, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (klongest@email.unc.edu).


The deadline for submission is March 1, 2008.



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