FOOTNOTES February 2001
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Publications on Hate Crime Available from ASA . . .

Hate Crime in America: What Do We Know?
Issue Series in Social Research and Social Policy

By Abby L. Ferber, Ryken Grattet, and Valerie Jenness

The stream of violent incidents in the late 1990s has brought the issue of hate and hate-motivated behavior to the forefront of national concern and debate. Hate crimes, like all crimes, are to a major extent social constructions. As a nation, the U.S. is engaged in a controversial and ongoing legal and social experiment in which the criminal law is being invoked in an effort to combat attitudes and behaviors that have long been a part of our history, but have only recently been labeled “hate crime.” This volume in the ASA Issue Series on Social Research and Social Policy provides expert testimony on several areas of research and data on hate crimes, and includes summaries of recent legislation, a detailed bibliography, and an expert list.

70 pages, 2000. Stock #605.H00
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Teaching About Ethnoviolence and Hate Crimes
Second Edition

Compiled by Howard J. Ehrlich and Regina Fidazzo

Seven Syllabi, seven projects, assignments, and class exercises, and four video exercises explore teaching about Ethnoviolence and Hate Crimes. Topic included:

  • Race, Prejudice and Ethnoviolence
  • Topics in Sex and Gender: Hate Crimes
  • The Sociology of Hate Crime
  • Teaching the Sociology of the Enemy
  • Non-Experimental Methods in Social Psychology: Intergroup Conflict Laboratory
  • Discussion of hate crimes based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion.
  • The modern White Supremacy Movement
  • Additional video suggestions for classroom use
116 pages, 2000. Stock #321.T94.
$13.00 for members and $17.00 for nonmembers

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