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Off the Beaten Path: Advice from Local Sociologists About What To See In DC
Off the Beaten Path:
Advice from Local Sociologists About What To See In DC

Maybe it is true that to find the good places to eat, ask a cab driver-in DC, you would surely find the good Ethiopian restaurants that way, and there are many, most in proximity to the ASA convention hotels. Asking local sociologists is another strategy to get some tips of less known places, sites, and experiences.

Most people in DC have a lot of house-guests and develop strategies to point them in the right direction to enjoy the city, while we still go to work and school.

At my house, we even have "the tourist umbrella" which we give to guests and assure them we won't be upset if it is lost on the Metro (and, to date it keeps returning) as well as the "tourist packet" of phone numbers, Metro maps, and itineraries.

Recently I enjoyed a visit of six relatives from Minneapolis, most of whom had not been to DC before. Their 3-day weekend visit challenged me to craft what I thought would be a good "Taste of DC" for them and, whether it was apparent to them or not, I developed four themes I wanted our touristing to imbue:

Departments Ranked by Journal Publications
  Departments Ranked by Journal Publications

The Sociology program at the University of Iowa is not unique in its constant struggles to garner scarce resources from its higher administrators. Among our approaches this academic year was to present quantitative evidence of the department's productivity. We knew from John Logan's 1988 article in The Southern Sociologist that, in the 1980's at least, Iowa Sociology ranked among the "elite" sociology programs insofar as its rate of publishing in top journals. We thought that it may be useful to update this information.

Congressional Fellow Update
  Finding a Hill Placement as an ASA Congressional Fellow

I have almost completed my first month working as ASA Congressional Fellow for Senator Joseph R. Biden of Delaware. I function as a legislative aide, participating in drafting legislation and staffing the Senator. In a future issue of Footnotes, I will share my work project; this essay describes how I came to live and work on Capitol Hill.

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